29 May 2012

Hello world

Hello shops
Hello park
Hello favourite cafe
Hello laundry
Hello baking
Hello craft

I'm not hanging out with you this afternoon. Ya know why?
I'm lying down with this sweet little thing on my tummy watching her head rise and fall in time with my breathing. I'm imagining the sounds she is hearing. Memories from when she lived inside that tummy she has her head against.

Hello muddy puddles
Hello cold wind
Hello grey clouds

We are not playing with you today.
Because today, here is the place we belong.

26 May 2012

Eat it up.

We're just on the right side of a loooong drawn out baby cold. When Lucy is sick she pretty much only eats yoghurt and breast milk and seeing as the latter is in short supply these days its pretty hard to get that baby fed.

So you can imagine my joy when I served up home made sausage rolls and had them eaten all up.

Quite easy to do

Sausage meat
Mashed pear
Any herbs
Orange rind
Wrapped up in puff pastry
In the oven till golden.

I was so impressed, Lucy got ice cream for dessert.

18 May 2012

giving up and dreaming different

I have a confession to make. 
I'm a bit of a dreamer.
I dreamt that I could have a really awesome blog with an awesome matching etsy store.
I'd be Mrs 31. (Proverbs 31 that is)

But, ya know what? I actually am not that good at craft. I'm not that good at networking, running a business, blog design, photography or any of those things that make a blog and matching easy store work. 

So I'm giving up. Giving up on that particular dream. Giving up on my good blog, my good etsy store and my good popularity. 

And here is why.

This little noogin who sometimes needs to nap with mama for two hours when she has a cold.
This precious little soul who, to be completely frank, I have been ignoring a bit the past few weeks. 

She is the best way to spend my moments. 
And she is the reason I started this blog in the first place.

I'm going to start blogging again in the way I started. To remember my little girl and the times we had when she was small. I'm going to craft without deadlines and profits. I'm going to read other blogs without worrying if the people who write them will follow me back if I leave a comment. I'm giving up the grand moneymaking bloggers dream.

Here's my new dream.
I've been recording some songs.

Here is my first offering. It's a cover but it was fun. I really like music and I don't often play.
I'm not flogging a cd, I'm just singing songs about Jesus. Feel free to listen and sing along. 

Edit: I have been trying all evening to get the music player to work. I guess it's another round of Rin vs technology. Technology wins. 
To listen go to this link. It's myspace. Relive your youth.

14 May 2012

What we got up to

Breakfast with flowers. Hubs scrambled eggs. Perfection.
Bike riding in the sun with an open mouthed girl.
Cruising in the harbour. Some horribly 80's tunes.
A little girl feeling much better and a mama with a full heart.

Dear family

We celebrated mothers day on Saturday. You made me breakfast, bought me a lovely gift and took me out bike riding for the day.
I got many tiny sloppy kisses, snugly hugs and sleepy cuddles.

But family, the greatest gift you have given me is you.
Everyday. Plain. Old. You.

Being a mama is not all bike rides in the sun but being a mama to you little Lucy and alongside you papa Myles 8s the best adventure of my life. I'm far from the perfect mama. Far from even the worlds best. I don't deserve a superhero t-shirt or a medal or a prize but you love me anyway. When I don't pay you enough attention little one, you still have a big sloppy kiss to give me. When I'm impatient with you my love you are patient right back.

I love this family. I wouldn't have life any other way. Thank you for a beautiful life and happy mothers day.

Love mama

Happy mothers day to you too. Hope you had a lovely time enjoying the blessing of family in all it's joy and struggle.

08 May 2012

To grow closer

Life has been a little all over the place since...well I can't remember when it wasn't. Lu and I have just spent the week away from Myl. That was hard. I've been struggling over thinking about who I am as a wife of a future pastor, mother and woman of God. It's tough.

One thought that God has given me is that in order to be a good wife, mother and woman, I need to practice and u need Him. I've always been a flaky bible reader but I have realised that it is LIFE giving.
Wait a second.

It is LIFE giving. A book. Gives life?
Well yes it does.

It is life giving, life changing, life destroying, life filled. It is a book worth reading over and over again.
So in giving it a read hot go. I've got through Romans and am working through Daniel. Just a few verses at a time. In the morning while Myl and lu play. As I read I write and I doodle just to keep the joy visually in my mind all day.

And oh does God give life when you read his life giving book. I've had a shocker of a few months growing and learning and changing. What joy! It's not over but nor is life.

Won't you join me, reading, writing and doodling through this book that gives life?

07 May 2012

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