29 June 2013

three months old

our small one is three months old.

She is such a sweet little girl.

She likes
to smile and giggle, being in the baby carrier, music, watching her big sister, being wrapped up for bed, white noise.

Not so much
accidental whacks from her sister, being offered milk when she's not hungry, being held while sitting. 

She's just getting into 00 clothes, enjoying sitting up and looking about and cooing up a storm.

Though our worlds are that little extra crazy it's great to have this sweet smiley one around.

14 June 2013

you are not alone

Kids are hard. Worth it but hard.
We've had a few huge hard weeks. 

But I have been reminded that I am not alone in this.
I've had a friend make us dinner.
I've had loving emails.
I've had words of solidarity. 
I've come online and seen other women going through the same hard stuff.
That's so encouraging.

If anything it makes me feel normal and in a world where you may be cleaning poo off places that poo should never be or reasoning with a small person who would make a UN peacekeeper weep, it's nice to feel normal.

No matter what crazy curveball those kiss throw at you, it has been dealt with by some other mama before.
It's nice to know I am not alone. 

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