29 July 2011

staycation + 2.5 years

Last weekend we had a staycation.
Myl had the weekend off work and it was our 2.5 year wedding anniversary.
Any excuse will do.

It was cold and rainy on the Friday so we went to DFO after a lovely long sleep in.
We walked around and got some sweet cheap clothes.
We had dumplings at our favourite little spot in Ashfield.

On Saturday we hit the city.
I showed Myl the ridiculous new Westfield at Centrepoint.
We changed Lucy in the fantastically snazzy parents room complete with L'Occtaine hand lotion.
(I know, ridiculous)
We walked through the city chatting and holding hands.
We saw about 100 screaming teenagers watching k-pop.
Then we went to the rocks. We had planned to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art but it is being renovated and is completely closed. :(
But that did not rain on our parade. We wandered about the cobble stone lanes of the rocks. My imagination ran away with me a few times as I had visions of unearthing a plague rat and our little family becoming infected. (A little plaque told me however, that there were only three plague victims in the rocks... in the early 1900's....aaaand they pulled down and burnt their houses. It set my imaginations at ease*)
We went to a sweet little cafe, looked at the markets and ate tasty pancakes at one of our favourite restaurants.
We watched the sunset from a little lookout. It was very sweet.
We meant to catch the bus from the rocks but ended up walking all the way to Vic Park. Lucy fell asleep.

When we got home we had a lovely surprise from my siblings and co. We missed out on dinner with them but we had a nice little chat and some gelato.

More pictures (and what we did on Sunday) to come next week!

*Yes, I have been reading Anne of Green Gables if you were wondering. Her thoughts are becoming my life.

25 July 2011

bath time

There are so many chemicals in the things we use these days. I think if we knew just how many we come into contact with on a daily basis it would be enough to make our skin crawl. In reality those chemicals do make our skin crawl. The chemicals in products we use can give us exema, allergies

This information hits me but often doesn't call me to action. I look at the price tags on the organic or chemical free beauty products and think that I would much prefer the chemical ridden $2 variety but the sollution is simple! We actually don't need fancy products to stay clean. Here's what we use.

Baby bathtime - For Lucy I use pure soap at bathtime. I lather her up in it before putting her in the bath. It's chemical and fragrance free. It's hypoalergenic and good for cleaning off all her little baby messes. I use it on her head as shampoo too. I give her a bath in beautiful pure Sydney water and then towell her off. After she is dry I rub olive oil into her skin. Not fancy olive oil cocoa butter but just the extra virgin variety used for cooking. Sometimes I use the same bottle for cooking if i've run out.

This keeps her skin really beautiful. For the last week I have been using up her stash of expensive baby soap  samples and she has got cradle cap and a bit of nappy rash. I think I'll stick with the soap and oil.

For me I rarely use soap. Because I'm breastfeeding I don't like to get soap where Lucy is putting her mouth. Water usually does the trick and sometimes I use a bit of pure soap under the old arms. It's winter so this might be a different story in Summer but I haven't been told I stink. On my face I use the body shop Aloe Vera exfoliating wash and witch hazel toner. These products are both chemical free and work really well. I had pretty bad skin when I was pregnant but when I use these two products combined my skin seems really healthy.

I was put onto a really great tip of using oat water in a spray bottle as a nappy rash preventer. It's cheap, easy and chemical free. I haven't properly made it yet but an oat bath was the only thing that helped when I had really itchy and sore feet during pregnancy.

Do you have any great chemical free tips?

She Breathes Deeply

21 July 2011

Attachment Parenting Part Four: Babywearing

I’m so excited to be up to the third (and my favourite) ‘Baby B’ of Attachment Parenting!  Babywearing has been an important parenting tool in various cultures around the world for centuries. Far more than just a way of carrying your baby from place to place, babywearing involves consciously keeping your baby in a sling as often as possible - wherever you go, whatever you do, baby is right there with you nestled close to your heart.

Because a baby in a sling is literally attached to you for long periods of time, and easily included in your day-to-day activities, babywearing has got to be one of the easiest and most practical ways of building up your bond with your little one.  With baby in a sling, you can cuddle, settle and enjoy your baby handsfree while getting things done, caring for older children, or even just enjoying a cup of tea! And a sling is so much more convenient and flexible than a pram or baby capsule for getting out and about at the shops, on public transport, or heading outdoors when it’s cold or wet.  Depending on your sling, you can even breastfeed your baby while walking down the street.  Yep, I LOVE babywearing!

But it’s not just great for parents; babies love being worn, too. Research shows that ‘sling babies’ receive more physical touch, are more settled, and have mothers who are more responsive to their cues than their non-sling counterparts.  A baby or toddler who fills their ‘emotional tank’ with lots of physical comfort during the day is also likely to find it easier to separate from their parents for nap-time or night-time settling.  Babywearing can be particularly beneficial for babies who suffer from colic or reflux (as it enables them to stay upright and in-arms), as well as for mothers struggling with a low milk supply (the proximity of baby can stimulate milk production hormones).   Of course, not all babies enjoy life in a sling, but so many do to that it’s definitely worth giving it a go!

Aside from a baby, the most important equipment for babywearing is the right carrier or sling.  Many new parents love the idea of wearing their baby, only to find that an aching neck or uncomfortable baby puts an end to their good intentions.  Because babies only get bigger and heavier, as well as the fact that a woman’s body continues to produce relaxin (a hormone which loosens joints and muscles and thus enables injury to occur more easily) for up to 2 years postpartum, the right carrier, and the right position for baby, are crucial for successful babywearing.

While having one is better than nothing, the most common clip-together chest carriers (rhymes with Schmaby Schmeeorn…) and rigid backpack carriers are best avoided.  These carriers place the majority of baby’s weight on the parent’s neck and shoulders, which is at best uncomfortable as straps dig in and at worst can cause chronic pain.  Additionally, the baby’s position in these carriers rests their weight on their tailbone rather than their bottom, which is believed to be potentially damaging to little spines .

Babywearing should be comfortable, easy, and fun for everyone.  Experienced babywearers will all have their favourites but most families find that investing in a couple of different slings and carriers is key to a long and happy babywearing journey.  Ask your babywearing friends or check out a couple of the sites below for ideas!


William Sears, M.D., and Martha Sears, R.N.  The Attachment Parenting Book, Chapter 6: Babywearing

Babes In Arms

Babywearing International

20 July 2011

our holiday

three bags
pop goes the weasel
maccas mates meal
5kg of rice
pecan pie
iphone photos
bean bag

lazy day
old school
leather lounges

long drive
wind storm
hurt trains
chilly cold
open fire
icy wind
puffed corn
hair dye
chai tea
food court
bubble tea
bus ride
short drive
soviet comrade
no cooking
camp fire
boat ride
nap times

crazy freaks
car trip

19 July 2011

at the drive in

We're back from holidays but before I share about our fun two weeks away I'm going to share about something close to my heart.

Harry Potter.

When we first found out we were pregnant the only forseeable problem was how we were going to watch the final Harry Potter movie. We figured we would have a three month old. A bit too young for a babysitter and not old enough to join us for the potentially violent magical fun.

We had a few plans in place. We could have someone look after Lucy out side of the theatre, we could go to the "mums and bubs session", we could (heaven forbid) wait till it comes out on video.

But then one of our lovely friends gave us the idea on Sunday of going to the drive in.
It was the perfect idea. Baby in the back. Us in our little "soundproof" box.
Not to mention it's the DRIVE IN. How cool.

So that night we went. It was so ridiculously awesome.

Oh and most importantly Lucy slept the WHOLE way through. She fell asleep on the drive over and woke up when I was walking into our house when we got home. She really loves her parents.

I'm so sad now that it's all over. No more new HP. The end of a very long and lovely era. Thankyou JK Rowling.

11 July 2011


Just a quick post to say we are still alive having fun on holidays.
We've been visiting family and Lucy has had a wild social life.

We are back at home for one night before heading on our church youth camp.

Should be fun!

More posts next week.

01 July 2011

three months old

my little girl is three months old

i've been a mama for thirteen weeks

its been a year since our little girl was made.

I don't know how it is possible but I think that this week I love her more than ever. Each night I tuck her into bed and we say a little prayer together. This week I have been thanking God for my little precious girl.  She is the little bright spark in my day.

She has been growing and changing so much this week. She has become more alert and chatty. She has been sucking her thumb like a pro. She responds to singing and talking and is such a calm chatty little sort.

She has taken to not really liking the car. We had a few times this week where we were in the car a bit too long.( Mostly due to me taking wrong turns and when realising that I am going down tunnels in the road having a bit of a squeak.) I think it was the me screaming and freaking out in the car that has made Lucy a little hesitant to be in there. She likes it when we are moving but starts crying as soon as I sit her in her seat. Poor peppi.

Her sleeping patterns have changed a bit and she is waking up for a feed around four. Thankfully she goes back to sleep pretty well and most of the time I can manage to feed her whilst half asleep.

She is getting so big. She is making the transition from 000 to 00. I would put her in her 000 pajamas and she wouldn't be able to straighten her legs. She has lots of lovely rolls and big chubby cheeks. Her hair is lightening and her eyes are still blue.

Oh how I love this girl of mine.

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