30 November 2010


How far along? 24 weeks
Baby’s Size: 30cm and 700g
Maternity Clothes: managed to fit into my old swimmers!
Belly Button: still sitting on the edge of outiedom
Gender: Girly girl!
Movement: Lots and lots. mostly just before bed time.
Sleep: I now sleep with two pillows under my head. It props me up so I can sleep on my back. Getting tingly arms from sleeping on my side. SCARY dreams.
Symptoms: Preggo brain. I am pretty absent minded at times. More than usual. Feeling breathless much more easily.
Best Moments this week: Saying hello little girl!
Food Aversions: Lamb. I have never liked it but the smell of two spit lambs at our church Christmas party made my stomach crawl.
Food Cravings: M&M'S and fruit salad.
What I miss: I'll be honest. I really felt like a beer the other day.
What I am Looking forward to: Holidays and Christmas.
Milestones: almost at the end of 2nd trimester whew!
Awesome fact about little one:Babies at 24 weeks have been noted to increase their breathing patterns (by expanding their lungs with amniotic fluid), after their mothers eat, especially if the food contains sugar!

29 November 2010

engaged no more

Remember my engagement ring and how it wouldn't come off?

Well it's off now.

I was sitting happy as can be at the It's a ...   party. When my sister came up to me with a cup full of ice.

"Put your finger in this" she said.
I could tell where this was going. But as she had a large container of dental floss in one hand I figured this was as good a time as any. I sunk my finger into the ice cold water till it hurt and then gave over my hand to the mercy of my sister.

She was somewhat familiar with the procedure but needed a few tips from nurse mama.
The technique goes a bit like this.
Gem wound the floss under my ring and then round and round my finger the first time she had done it with too much space in between the bits of floss. She needed to start again. I inspected my finger. It looked a lot like a salami. You know the ones with bits of twine around them. I decided I probably shouldn't look from now on.

Quite a crowd had gathered. Onlookers were a little freaked out but not enough to look away.

Take 2 was more successful. It was a bit painful having my finger forced into a tight band of dental floss. But I endured the winding. It would all be ok in the end.

That was until the pulling off of the ring started. Theory goes that the floss makes the finger smaller and then you pull the ring off using the floss in the same way a screw works. (Yes my finger was a giant screw.) This part really hurts.

No really.

I'm usually ok with pain but I was telling begging my sister to stop and it was ok we could get my rather expensive diamond ring off with bolt cutters instead.

She said it was ok she was a quarter of the way through. A QUARTER! Not what I wanted to hear.

Also what I didn't want to hear was.

"Oh that looks bad."
"It's turning blue."
"Mum what do I do!"
"No, it's really blue."
"Don't look Erin."
"Wow that is one blue finger"


I started to make pain noises. Ow, Aiii, Eeee, Ugh are some of those. And then I needed Myles. I needed to hold him and for him to tell me it didn't look to bad and that it was all ok.
He was called for and did exactly that.

It was about then that the whole experience was likened to the very one I will be experiencing in late March. The pain, the begging for the end, the husband by my side saying "You are beautiful" and not "Oh wow there is quite a lot of blood." or "Wow, that thing is blue."
Maybe there will be less gathered friends and family?

Finally there was some relief. I could feel that the ring was almost over my knuckle.
"Is it almost off?" I asked
"Almost." Came the reply.

I relaxed and off came that ring. There was a cheer and my blue finger went straight into the ice again. Mum came and inspected and when she said it was no longer blue I had a look. It was quite red and pretty numb and sore. But ringless. Hurrah!

It's still a bit swollen and red and there is a dint in the bottom where it used to sit but all is well.
I now wear my ring on a chain round my neck. The wedding band on the other hand will need to come off soon as well I guess. It'll be off before it cant come off anymore.

26 November 2010

Performance Anxiety

I'm just going to clarify straight up that this is not my belly. Sometimes I use pictures from the internet that are not my own because they are pretty/relevant/interesting/cute. This sometimes makes people a little confused.

Anyway. The little one (bless his non existent cotton socks) has performance anxiety.

He is getting to be quite an active little kicker which pleases me to no end. I could sit for hours giggling at his little soft nudges and squirms about my belly. I actually do giggle sometimes making Myles very confused as to what is funny. I can see the little kicks on my belly making it move. It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I feel so so blessed to be able to experience it. Such an amazing God given gift I want never to take for granted.

So naturally when I feel this wonderful feeling I want to share it with those around me.

"Come feel my belly" I say.
"The baby is kicking" I say.

People come running from all over to feel this wondrous thing.

and then...

it stops.

Poor little nervous bobkin. Too much attention. Too much pressure to perform.

I guess it will just have to be Myles and my special little secret.

Image Credit Kloska

25 November 2010

Dear little one...

your dada and I celebrated a
special milestone yesterday.
I love your dada very much
I think he is going to love
you very much too.
It's so amazing that in such
little time God has given us
both so much love in each
other and now in you. I find it
hard to believe I could love
someone so much that I haven't
even met. I love that I get to meet
you and know who you are.

love mama.


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24 November 2010

two of us

the early days...

Happy 4 Year "going out" anniversary my love.

the day we first "met"

My year 12 formal.
The day we told each other we "liked" each other

catching flies
Awesome date to Luna Park

Sitting on a pier on Sydney harbour

haha makes me laugh for no apparent reason
I like having my head patted

Riding on a train

The Folk Festival in the cold

The Folk Festival in the Sun

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23 November 2010


How far along? 23 weeks
Baby’s Size: 28cm and 600g
Maternity Clothes: I can still wear most of my usual clothes. Except for jeans, shorts and skirts.
Belly Button: Flipable
Gender: Finding out on Saturday!! Spent the weekend with the two people that know and am now very confused. They are very good secret keepers.
Movement: Little one gets performance anxiety. Every time I say "Come feel my belly everyone the baby is moving," the little kicks stop.
Sleep: Vivid and strange dreams. Not really about babies but strange nonetheless. Its also getting harder to stay upright on my side. I have to lean on Myl.
Symptoms: I had two small bouts of nausea this week. They didn't turn into vomits which was pleasant but yucky all the same.
Best Moments this week: Going to Bathurst to visit my mum and dad.
Food Aversions: I'm now so wary of leftovers. One nausea bout was after eating frozen then reheated leftovers.
Food Cravings: I had two apple turnovers this week... with cream. Yikes!
What I miss: sleeping on my belly.
What I am Looking forward to: I have made a list of baby ikea things. It will be fun to go get them.
Also Uncle Ben is coming to live with us this week till he gets married.
Milestones: I'm still pretty fascinated by the fact that if this baby was born now it's not impossible for it to survive. It makes me marvel at modern medicine. But stay in there little one!
Awesome fact about little one: Baby starts to noticeably hiccup (haven't felt this yet) Some women like to belly dance at this stage during pregnancy. This helps them learn how to rock that baby outta there.


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22 November 2010

only five days left

The envelope is sealed, the cupcakes will be baked, the lolly bags are ready and you have only five days left to vote.

That's right the It's a .... party is on this weekend!!!

I am so so excited to find out if we have a little fella or lady.

You may not have noticed but down the side of my blog is a poll where you can vote for what you think. So far the blue vote is slightly ahead but it all may change.

I've done a few silly and potentially meaningless net tests to determine whether it's going to be a boy or girl here are the answers.

Apparently I'm 55% likely to have a boy. Well there's great odds for you. I think that is around about the likelihood of it happening anyway.

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19 November 2010

gaia.. and why I don't like hospitals.

A few weeks ago I went to a special baby sale for a brand named gaia.
They make lovely organic cotton clothes for little ones.

I got some cutie-pie things.

In other news...

I've been feeling really well since my post on Monday. I feel like I have much more energy. Granted I did sleep pretty much half the day on Tuesday but maybe that's just what I needed.

I had an appointment at the birth centre with the Obstetrician which was good and uneventful. A good thing in an appointment. Little One's heartbeat is great, my blood pressure is fine.

The ob clarified that I will most likely have hypothyroidisim (I don't as yet know too much about what this means other than that I need to take a pill a day. Supposedly the disorder has a name. I don't know and that's ok for now) after the little one is born and sent me off to find the mysterious thyroid clinic after having my blood taken for a thyroid level test.

She told me to go upstairs to Women and Babies Ambulatory Care. Sure, I thought, I've been there before. The lady at the desk had no idea what I was talking about. She looked at me like a crazy thyroid woman gone completely mental. I told her I had just seen the Ob at the Birth Centre to which she replied that the birth centre had no obstetritian, only midwives...

Hmmm.. I didn't quite know what to say to that.

"Ok you are right. I just saw a midwife pretending to be an Ob. That stethoscope really fooled me."
"Dang it, yes I was just at McDonalds not the Birth Centre. Silly preggo brain."
"No I'm trying to trick you into letting me book into the thyroid clinic. Drat you foiled my clever plan."

I'm sorry, I'm being very cynical.

Eventually I found the thyroid clinic cleverly hidden behind the coronary care day clinic down a passageway after turning left then right then going through the locked door when all the workers were at lunch. Bright shining light with THYROID CLINIC may have been helpful.

Ahh there I go being cynical again. Must be the baby talking.

They told me that they were quite happy with the way my GP had been managing my thyroids and that I didn't need to see them.  Oh.

So now my blood is whizzing off somewhere to be tested and sent to the sneakily hidden thyroid clinic that doesn't need me to visit them again as I may die of starvation on the way over there am being looked after already. I hope it gets to someone. I'm not the hugest fan of needles and have already had far too many blood tests for my liking.

I was glad to get out of the hospital and glad I took Myles along.

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18 November 2010

Dear little one...

you are so precious.
I got to hear your dear little
heartbeat again today.
That sound will never get old.
I am so so lucky to be your
Not a day goes by when I don't
feel incredibly blessed.
It will be so swell to meet you
but for now I am just so happy
to have you inside of me.
I get to take you everywhere
I go. That's nice.

Stay safe in there little one.

love mama


17 November 2010


Yep these photos are dodgy and taken at 10pm tonight in the bad lighting of my kitchen when I usually post my weekly pic on a Tuesday but hey.. I'm 22 weeks pregnant. I can be forgiven. PS I wasn't doing the washing up. It's just for looks.
How far along? 22 weeks
Baby’s Size: 26cm and 550g
Maternity Clothes: so much more comfy
Belly Button: Still teetering on the edge of innie and outie
Gender: Will find out on the 27th.
Movement: Lots of dancing and jiggling. Especially when Myl puts his hand on my belly.
Sleep: Yes please.
Symptoms: Tiredness perhaps? Let's hope that is a symptom.
Best Moments this week: Myl finishing his exams! Hooray family time.
Food Aversions: nothing
Food Cravings: yes! apple turnover with cream, chicken nuggets back on the crave list. This doesn't mean I have eaten them though.
What I miss: my mum.
What I am Looking forward to: Getting to the point where I can set up all the little baby things. Cot, pictures etc.
Milestones: The youngest baby ever born who survived was 21 weeks and 5 days old when it was born. We are now past that point.
Awesome fact about little one: Baby can recognise warmth, sound, light and pain. No punching!

15 November 2010


Oh. Boy.

Have I been feeling exhausted lately or what!?

Second trimester was supposed to be the one where I was full of energy and bursting to go but for the last week or so I have been feeling tired quite a lot of the time.
It's not like I'm sleeping all the time and can't do a thing it's just that when I do stuff I get much tireder than I ever have before.

I always feel like I need to sit down, or have a long massage. I'm feeling hungry and thirsty all the time. At the end of the day I feel like I've run a marathon and need some sleep.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
Have any tips? Do I need to eat more, exercise more or sleep more?
Should I just suck it up cos I'm growing a baby and this is what to expect?

Image Credit: CureZone

13 November 2010

bun in the oven

I'm pretty sure today was really hot.

Like REALLY hot.

It's either that or the extra blood and warmth in my body is really starting to set in.
I'm now sitting at home in the cool breeze of the evening but today I was roasting.

I got home and collapsed on the lounge in a fit of hotness. I'd been stuck in yucky Saturday traffic.

Myles suggested a cold shower. I went for the bath. Cold showers always leave me with that feeling like I can't breathe.

I think I may be setting up semi-permanent residence in the bath this summer.

Image credit : Mediatinker.com

12 November 2010

Fire in the hole!!!

So today Myles and I came home and could smell something burny.
I said "It smells like rubber burning" Myles agreed.

There had just been a fire in a mattress warehouse nearby so I thought it was something similar. 
We got out of the car and walked towards our house. 

There was a big plume of smoke coming from the alleyway between our house and the one next door.We walked over and saw that the bins were on fire! 

I made a mad dash inside and called 000 for the second time in my life.

It was pretty crazy. The bins were starting to melt all over the place and the sky was filled with black toxic smoke.

A bit later the fire engine pulled up and put out the blaze.

There were heaps of people out on the street from the various houses.

The bins are completely toast.

11 November 2010

What I made.

I made these little things the other day at my friend Lauras house. 
The little balloon animals make me laugh.
I call the shoes the "Maos last dancer" shoes.

10 November 2010

My mama

It's my Mama's birthday today.

Let me say she is pretty much one of the most amazing people in the world.

She was born in India and moved here when she was little all by herself to come live with her grandparents. A little sweetie pie with an Indian accent.

She met my Dad at church. He thought she was sixteen. A sweet girl but a bit young. She was really nineteen. They got married soon after.

They moved to Bathurst and had babies. They built the house they live in today.

I remember..

cooking with my mum
painting, drawing, making salt dough.
Pretending to play school.
Mum sewing clothes for us. Fleecy pj's and school uniforms.
Going to the shops.
Having picnics in the yard.
reading books.
Mum teaching me how to sew and crochet.
giving violin concerts.
Going to home reading and canteen with mum.
Cuddles on the couch.
Mum accidently running up the back of a car in Orange.
Sushi night.
Watching House.
reading the bible together.
Mum decorating my room when I was away at camp
with a fluffy rug and fairy lights.
calling my mum from Sydney when I missed her.
Calling my mum from Sydney with a diamond on my finger.
Calling my mum from Sydney to tell her she would be a grandma.

My mum is a midwife. She gets to be my own personal midwife for the little one.
It's so nice to share this time in my life with her.

She is the greatest mum in the world.
I love her so so much.

Happy Birthday Mama.

dear little one

at the moment your dada
is doing his exams.
It will be so nice to have you
around next year for this
kind of thing.
I fear I am always a distraction
so when you are here I can
play with you and solve
all the problems.
That or we can just distract
him together.

Looking forward to playing
with you little one.

love mama

09 November 2010



How far along? 21 weeks
Baby’s Size: 25 cm long and 500 grams. 
Maternity Clothes: on the bottom
Belly Button: I can flip it out. My belly is almost without a belly button valley.
Gender: Don't know but Mum told Dad
Movement: I was singing bob his favourite song "I've got you under my skin." He was dancing along.
Sleep: Great.
Symptoms: I have a baby inside of me.
Best Moments this week: Singing while walking down the street and knowing I'm not a little weird cos I'm singing to someone.
Food Aversions: runny eggs.
Food Cravings: not this week.
What I miss: summer. go away cold weather.
What I am Looking forward to: seeing my mum next. We have been playing phone tag the last few days and I miss her. It's her birthday tomorrow.
Milestones: Very noticeable belly.
Awesome fact about little one: If the little one is going to be a ranga then its a ranga right now!! Oh no!

08 November 2010

bit of a sticky situation

I have a really lovely engagement ring.

It was picked out for me by the love of my life.
He gave it to me as I stood in the very place I saw him for the first time.
He had blindfolded me and taken me back to that place.
When I took off the blind fold there he was and there I was.

He asked me to be his wife.
I agreed.

Its a really lovely ring.
I have a problem.

I can't get it off.

Since my wedding day it has sat on my right hand ring finger. It is a different carat to my wedding ring so I did this to prevent them scratching. I'm also not such a big fan of the two ring look. My fingers can't do it. It fits my left hand perfectly but my right hand is just that little bit bigger.

And I think in the last (almost) two years my hand has gotten bigger.

That ring is going nowhere.

I've tried soap, moisturiser, conditioner, easing the thing off one bit at a time, waiting for winter when my fingers get smaller, putting my hand in the freezer.
I can get it to just below my knuckle but no further.
I really, really don't want to have to get it chopped off, (the ring and the finger) but I can think of nothing else.

I have heard that in pregnancy fingers and toes swell up like crazy and sometimes never go back. I'm afraid my ring will be engulfed in preggo finger fat if I don't do something soon.

Does anyone know anything that can help me? I shall post all attempts and attempt all suggestions.

06 November 2010

What is a birthday without cake?

To be totally honest the answer to this question is my husbands birthday.


I have a good excuse though. His birthday consisted of.

Myles woke up at 5 30 to go have coffee with his pals
Came back at 8ish
We went for breakfast at Clover cafe
I went to work
Myl went to college to study. (He has a greek exam on Monday)
He did serious study all day. No wives allowed.
I had lunch with our family pastor to discuss theology of childrens ministry. V interesting.
Met up with the study bug for compulsory study break. He insisted it be short :(
Went to the gaia organic baby clothes sale with a friend (Pictures soon!)
Saw Myl again. We had to source a large garbage bin (clean) for youth group.
Dropped Myl at youth
Went babysitting
Went home
Picked Myl up from youth.
Home for some needed sleep.

Can anyone see room in there for cake?
Never fear. One of his lovely college friends baked him one that they enjoyed while studying.


But today we are having dinner with my siblings and their personal happinessess.
It was my brothers birthday yesterday too. We like to celebrate.
We are going to have Korean in the city. aaaaand.


unless my brothers sweetheart has baked one. Then we can have...


Good idea? I thought so.

I did have a photo but the cake kinda looks like a big hunk of poo. Its banana with butterscotch icing. I never really aim for those presentation points. So here are some cakes from the hillarious blog Cake Wrecks.

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