28 December 2012

2012 - He is big. I am small.

I started this year with a lot of plans for the things I'd do and the woman I'd be.
These were good plans.
But these were not the plans for this year.

I had a funny feeling I'd be learning about humility this year and I have. The only reason I haven't called this post 2012 - I am humbled is because though I have learned much about humility I have also been very blessed to have been part of some amazing things this year and in stead of feeling humbled, downtrodden and alone I feel hopeful, encouraged and warmed by the greatness of a God who is big when I am small.

I wanted to be a popular famous woman this year. I wanted my influence to spread far and wife through this blog and my offline life too. I wanted to be the girl with a zillion friends, a rockin etsy store a classy looking home and a name that everyone knows.

Those things may come but not this year. I found my influence does not have to be large to be great. I found a small group of women who have influenced me far more than I could have done them. I found the joy of loving my family and that being enough. I found little conversations with people I don't know so well. I've had comments from you that kept me going at blogging when I just felt like throwing in the towel.

Most of all I have found a God who is so big but who listens to even the smallest of his children. Who hears the woman crying out to be famous and comforts her with the fame of knowing that He knows her.
He hears the woman crying out to have her womb filled once more and gives her what she asks. He fills the wombs of women around her to give these little ones friends and to bring glory to his name.
He hears the discontent in her heart and sends a word, a hug, an encouragement, a day off.

He sees her need for Him and gives word to a little one to remind her to read his word.

This year I abandoned my resolutions and found more grace and peace than I thought I ever would. I am so small. I can only get some things done. I have to say no sometimes. I mess things up. I let people down.
But God is big and he had this year in his hands.

2 - twenty seven, twenty eight





a game of innocent christmas day backyard cricket means i can't really walk so well right now. I think i did something my my pelvic bone. It hurts like wildfire. I was feeling so happy and healthy until this moment. So so glad Myl is on holidays.


now that christmas is over it's time to get ready for this baby. We are still at my parents place but when we get home i will become a little mother hen and start nesting round the place. Folding sweet little clothes and dusting the doorknobs.


i'm getting really excited about adding another little one to our family. As it gets closer and closer i start thinking less about pregnancy and more about motherhood.

twenty seven weeks of lucy
twenty eight weeks of lucy

27 December 2012

Merry Christmas

2012 christmas photo



hope you had a wonderful day
remembering the tiny baby
who grew up to be our saviour.

21 December 2012

Too many babies

We've been reading Lucy the story of Christmas.

The angels she gets.
"Angels. Flying. Sky. La la la"

And the shepherds.

Even Mary and Joseph.
"Maayee. Jopis. Man."

But little baby Jesus? It's a bit complicated.
"Baby Adi?* Baby wawa?**"

There's always next year.

*baby Adi is Lucy's new cousin.
** Baby Wawa is what Lucy calls her little
Sister. Give you clues to her name?

18 December 2012

Advent grace

I struggle so hard to be an organised person.
It's not something I find easy at all.
Each year I have the best of intentions for advent. I think of all these wonderful things to do.

This year I have fretted and fluttered about like a little lost bird. I've searched Pinterest for trendy DIY gift ideas. I've researched food to make. Roast dinners, cookies to bake with Lucy. I've thought about family and trips to see them
About how many hours we will spend I the car and about how Lucy's naps will suffer. I've thought about family dynamics and how to make people happy.

But in all that flapping I've forgotten to be still.
My homemade advent calendar went up on the 13th. My reading plan sits with only one day ticked.

I've forgotten to be still and remember the joy behind all the presents and food and family.

I forgot to remind myself of the little baby was born king, grew up to die and became our saviour.

But you know what? Advent doesn't have to start on the first of December. It's a
Mighty fine idea to do so but it's not the hard and fast rule. It doesn't even have to end on the 25th. So I'm thinking of the grace that Jesus came to share and giving it to myself. Won't you join me?

If you forgot advent this year why not start today?
Read the story of Christmas, sing a carol with your mum, do something each day to say thank you God for sending your son.

14 December 2012

The best part

This right here is my favourite part of the holidays.
Myl is home and I get to watch my two favourites together.

Lucy adores her dada. She follows him around, gives him sweet little kisses and now calls him Mylo because that's what she hears me call him.

This is the first year he hasn't worked through the holidays and while the extra cash would be handy it's nothing compared to the joy of having him.

13 December 2012

diy christmas

here's a sneak peek of some of the craft I've been doing for christmas.

you can check out my christmas pinboard here.





1. advent calendar pockets. Still yet to be completed. All I've got to do is put the numbers on.
2. fun with polymer clay.
3. elephant silhouette for my aunty.
4. clay beads. best fun I've had since primary school craft.

12 December 2012

2 - twenty four, five, six.







This baby is moving! I'm feeling knees and elbows all over my tummy. It moves and jiggles. Some would call it freaky but I kinda like it.
I'm not feeling the heat as much as I thought I would. Sure, It's hot but I'm not up to the cold bath stage yet.
I'm starting to feel a bit huge. I remember from last time wishing I could just squish my ball of a tummy back in there somehow and that feeling is coming back again.


Keeping busy. We have family to see and Christmas to prepare for. I've got all my appointments booked till march.
I'm starting to really think about and prepare for labour.


About life with two. There are definitely things that will need to change. Our days will become more structured and at home I'm guessing. I'll need to set up things for lu to do while I bf smalls. I can't imagine what Sundays will look like. Eeeep!
We've been visiting my sister and her baby and I forgot how all consuming a newborn is. It's going to be lovely but I'm expecting not to do more than baby loving for a while.

twenty four     twenty five     twenty six     weeks of Lucy


11 December 2012

The happenings

We've been frolicking all over the countryside the last few weeks.

Visiting rellos
Meeting a new niece
Faux Christmas dinner
Way too much maccas
Adjusting nap schedules
Present making
Helping move house

It's been busy.

We're all ready for some good ole chilling at home. And some cleaning of the Everest that is our washing pile.

For now we are all sick with runny noses.
Let the relaxing begin.

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