31 July 2012

Lazy days and wide awake nights

So remember those lovely long naps I was talking about?
The ones where my little girl and I have a nice lung cuddle?
It turns out the little one is rather fond of the old mama cuddle and not just in the day time.
Lu has taken to staring wide eyed into my eyes for HOURS at bedtime. Not crying, not playing. Not sleeping.
She doesn't go to sleep and eventually I hand her over to Myl and the screaming begins.
It's nice to be the favourite but also bedtime is a good idea too.

Those eyes. They hit me right in the mama bone.

28 July 2012

i get knocked down...

Lucy got her first real boo boo today.
We were at the park brunching with friends.
Lucy went with Myl to the playground and as he was holding the gate open for a lady with a pram, Lucy decided to launch herself down the stairs.
Carefully navigated steps are usually not a problem for her but steps leading to swings and slides and see-saws?
Well, that's another matter.
She launched herself down and whacked herself in the noggin.
And now, there is a bright red bump in the middle of her forehead.

It's painfully obvious. I can't even hide it with her hair.
I was waiting for this day to come.
You know when you see kids with wounds on their faces and you can't help but think,
"where were those parents?"
You think,
"I would never let my child get a sore like that!"
Maybe your kids have had so many accidents that you find yourself comparing wounds.
"That's nothing! Little Kimba once severed his head in half and it was all blue and pulsating..."
I thought that Lucy would never get hurt. Never get a scratch. Never a bump or a bruise or a graze.
That's right.
I thought wrong.

It's really not so bad.
She bounced back up and see-sawed like the best of them.
She lived to fight another day.
But I guess it's one more lesson in life that makes me trust that some one else more equipped for the job is looking after my little girl and that boo boos are just a part of growing up.

*I took a photo of the boo boo but could only do so when Lu was sleeping and it looked a bit creepy. So you will just have to imagine a 10c piece sized, red eggy (but not too bad Mum) sore on her head.

17 July 2012

Clear as...

Lucy is just starting to learn words.
She's got all the important ones down like
She can say ball, dog, flower and make animal noises like the best of them but other than providing great party entertainment, these words are not really all that helpful.

I can see the frustration welling up in her little face every time she doesn't have the right word.
She wants to say
"I need help"
"I want more"
"I'm confused, sad, lonely, tired, scared, overwhelmed."
"pumpkin again?"

But she doesn't have the words yet.
I give her the words.
"more please"
"no, ta"
But sometimes the frustration takes over.

I get it. Sometimes it would be easier to fling yourself on the floor and have a good ole fashioned tanty.
But she'll learn.

She can already do a sing songy version of more please.
"mah paaaaah"
Which comes out every time we walk past a glass cabinet full of caked at a cafe.

More words will come and one day I will have a conversation with my little girl. But for now I have sweet baby jibber and it is so very sweet.

16 July 2012

i wanna hold your hand

she's gone past the need for a back pat or a sweet lullaby.
last night the little one devised a new strategy for keeping mama close at bedtime.

once she was lying safe and sound in her cot I began my usual back tap
but then
a little nubbin hand grabbed those tapping fingers and lay them down next to her head.
She placed her sweet little hand on top of mine and began to squeeze my back hand skin.
what. a. genius.

It seems that the little one has realised how easy it is for her mama to slip away quietly after a minute or so of back tapping and how flaming hard it is to slip out from under that vice like squeeze of the tiny fingernails.

I wait for her breathing to slow.
I wait for her squeezing to cease.

I'm sure it's been hours. I start dreaming of the things I could be doing.
Surely there is some trashy show to watch.
I could be having a bubble bath.
The lounge is calling. It wants me to face plant into its comfy depths.

But no. My hand is being experimented on for flexibility and elasticity.
I decide to slip it away and see what happens and quick as a flash an almighty howl erupts from within the cot.
Back it goes. Reluctantly.

I crawl into the fetal position on the floor my arm outstretched through the bars.
I decide to think about amusing topics. Matchmaking my friends, planing date nights.
The hours pass. It must be 3am by now.

I decide to risk it. I pull my hand to freedom and hear that yowl. Less energetic this time.
I shhhhhhh. and shhhh. and shhhhhhhhhh.
The yowl turns to a whimper.
I shhhhh.
It stops.
I creep and crawl away.
Goodnight my little girl. I love you.

I check the clock. It's 8pm.
Not great.
Not bad.

Now where is that lounge?

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14 July 2012

home again

we've been away from home for three weeks
youth camping.
It's been nice to get a way and be busy
it's so nice to be home.

I've got piles of washing to clean,
sticks to sweep off the balcony,
rooms to tidy
and a little girl to cuddle.

We three. Home again.

06 July 2012

Fantastic Mr. Fox

When we were staying at my parents place, I spotted a little fox doing a dance.
She was a merry little fox who liked the sound of a violin,
the beat of the drum (pots and pans),
and the taste of chicken (curry).

Coat by granny. Idea from here.

05 July 2012

tea for the tillerman

We have all had bouts of the snotty in the last few weeks.
Luckily it seems to hit one of us at a time so we can play nurse.
When it hit Myl I made him a special cup of tea with
lemon &
It worked a treat and was tasty too.

We've been cuddling the little one, using vicks on a tissue, sleeping in and keeping warm.
Being sick would be lovely if it weren't for the sick part.

How do you get rid of a cold and flu?
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03 July 2012

Fifteen months

It's been a little while since I've done one of these. This little one just keeps on getting less little. 
My little girl is fifteen months old.

So here's where it's at.

Lucy likes
- walking forwards and backwards and doing a funny little dance/run.
- stickers
- pushing her baby in the stroller. Usually upside down.
- being outside. Even when it's super chilly.
- animal noises. His kid knows them all.
- porridge for breakfast with sultanas and honey.
- dancing to folk music or anything with a beat.
- 1,2,3 wheeeee!
- saying wheeeeeee! And uh-oh.
- books all day long.
- pulling adult hands along to where she wants them.

Lucy doesn't like

- disposable nappies.
- being alone
- not having the right words to say.
- strangers... For the first five minutes.
- brushing teeth.

She is a sweet funny little thing learning new words every day and learning to assert her independence. I love her very much.

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