30 July 2010

The family curse?

I found out last night that there is an interesting trend (lets call it a curse) in my husbands family.

He is the oldest of two boys and in his dads line there have been no girls born for four generations!

Four generations!

Now I will admit that I was hoping that the little one would be a boy. I like the idea of the eldest being a boy like Peter in Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Someone to stand up for and look after his younger siblings. I like little boys too. I think they are very cute. I thought it would be nice to have a little mummy's boy who I could cuddle and help to dress... when he is sixteen.

Maybe not, but I like the idea of having a young man who is taller than me but still cool enough to give his mum a kiss goodbye.

But all boys? I don't know if I could deal with that.

It would be nice to have a little girl to play fairies in the garden with. To dress in pink and when she is a teenager to teach her how to be a woman and cry with her when she gets her first period. That would be nice.

I don't think I would like all boys or all girls. But I guess we will just have to take what God gives us. I'm sure the little one will be lovely.

It's not such a bad thing to have all boys I guess. But it will be interesting to see what happens and whether or not the family girl drought will be broken.

Image Credit: Flickr member Beverly and Pack

29 July 2010

Baby Flicks - Intro

This is a weekly post which will review a baby movie and comment on how realistic etc it is.

The first review will be coming next week. I have to decide on a movie and then watch it!

27 July 2010

6 or is it 7 weeks?

Edit: Its the end of 7 weeks today 30/7. Start of week 8 but you say that you are 7 weeks till the 8th week is over.

25 July 2010

Books for the Bobbin #2

This is a book that Myles suggested but one that we both enjoyed as children. It tells the story of three children Joe, Bessie and Fanny ( I think they have now changed Fanny's name as it was rude or somthing???)

They have adventures in the faraway tree which is a very tall tree populated by numerous eccentric folk. Some of these folk include Dame Washalot who is always putting the laundry on, Moonface who's face looks... like a moon and Mr Whatzisname.

Its a magical land where everyone has their own quirks and Joe Bessie and Fanny get to meet all the strange people and have adventures with them.

When I was little we had a tall pine tree in our backyard that we named the faraway tree. It was pretty tall. At least as tall as we could climb. We would pretend to visit all the characters in the story and then we would slide down the long branches to the bottom.

Myles likes that he grew up on seven acres, four of which are bushland. He was able to go into the bush for adventures like Joe Bessie and Fanny and use his imagination.

Imagination is a precious thing and this book has it in bucketloads.

Image Credit: enidblytonsociety.co.uk


I went to the doctor today.
All is well... mostly.

My doctor called me up at 8am and said some of the levels in my blood test were a little abnormal and that it would be good if I could come in so she could give me a prescription/chat about this. Her tone was pretty calm. I felt nervous but not especially worried.

Myles had a youth meeting on so he couldn't come with me. We were all set to go to an engagement party afterward and I was feeling wrecked. Tickly throat and feeling really really tired. Its so sad to feel so yuck after such a wonderful day yesterday.

The doctor said I had hypothyroidisim. Which means my thyroid levels are too high but they are like this because there is not enough thyroid (hormone?) and so my body is over compensating. It seems a bit complicated but she said I shouldn't be worried. So I have to take some thyroid tablets for the next few weeks to regulate and they are running some more tests. I'm hoping and praying that nothing comes of it as it could potentially be an auto immune disease. Not fun.

It's not really good for babies but its manageable.

On top of that I have low iron and Vitamin D. (from the sun) I have never had this before. I think I need to get stuck into the red meat and get out more. I'm taking the blackmores pregnancy gold vitamins in stead of just folic acid. Its a huge tablet. I like to call it the horse poo tablet because it is big enough for a horse and ... it looks like a ... poo.

Ah well. It's all part of life's rich tapestry. I'm alive and reasonably healthy and very loved.

I had the best nap this afternoon. It was very needed. I think I'm going to have to get better at napping/sleeping from now on. (Says I writing this at 12:18)

And the best part of my day was seeing my dad who is up to visit to help my brother move house. That was nice.

23 July 2010

My day.

I have had a really lovely day. The sun was shining and all was well.

I started my morning with Job Number 2 (or is it 1?) looking after kids from my church while their mums have their mothers group.
I recently read an article that was about old fashioned play and how children nowadays have so many toys that it limits their imaginations. Gone are the days when children will be satisfied to play Cowboys and Indians with sticks and things, now they have specially crafted toys to fit with any possible game they play. Even though most children are not allowed to watch the star wars movies, they know all about Luke and Darth Vader and may have light saber toys and Star Wars Lego to play with.

So today I decided to encourage the kids to play not with the toys but with their imaginations. It was fantastic. We had knights being chased by dragons and saving damsels in distress, pirates finding buried treasure, astronauts going to the moon and meeting a funny alien and everything in between. The little kids were so imaginative. They roared with laughter, ran around and didn't get bored one bit.

The best bit however was when we went outside to play with some soccer balls. The game of soccer lasted about five minutes until my brother (who does it with me) got the ball and shoved it up his shirt. He then began to chase the kids around with his crazy "baby" belly. They loved it and also wanted a go. Next minute one four year old had the ball up his top.

"My baby is going to kill everyone." He said.

It was hilarious.

Then after that I got to help my sister-to-be buy her wedding dress. That was absolutely lovely and a pleasure to do. I am so excited about them getting married. They came over for a lovely lunch and have now gone home.

I bought the little one a first present. It is a little orange (non gender specific?) blanket. I think it is lovely. It has bobbles on it. I felt like buying something. I'm just that kinda gal.

Now, onto the picture at the top. This is the album of the basement birds. Myles bought me tickets to go and see their concert. This is very exciting. The Basement birds are a band made up of lots of different male singers from other bands/solo acts who sing in four part harmony. Its really nice. I have such a wonderful husband. This is our 18 month anniversary (which is tomorrow) present.

Lovely day.

I'm about to cook Chicken and Leek stroganoff, watch valentines day and listen to the basement birds cd. (Although not at the same time.)


22 July 2010

Dr. Who?

I went for my first dr/baby appointment this morning.
It made me more excited for my little one.

I felt really proud as my doctor went through all the things to consider and I had already thought of most of them already. (Food not to eat etc.)

She checked my temperature and blood pressure. Slightly high on both counts. (She didn't say this was a major issue.) She gave me a whole lot of pamphlets. I like pamphlets. They are full of information on things like where we are going to have the baby, antenatal classes and things like that. It makes it all very real.

We got a pamphlet on all the pre-birth tests that you can have. There are so many. Not just ultrasounds. I have heard of a few before such as the nuchal translucency test and amniocentesis. They are to see if your baby has abnormalities. I don't think I want these tests. Not unless the little one can be fixed or helped by the knowledge. I'd like to hear more opinions on this though. The book I am reading on gentle mothering says to not even get an ultrasound. I think maybe the author is a bit over the top. She seems to be overly cautious about most things but I think it is because she wants her births to be completely natural.

I had a blood test to make sure I've got enough iron etc. I was feeling really emotional this morning. Like really emotional.
Actually last night is when it started. I was coming back from nannying and picking Myles up from our house to go to bible study. I gave him a quick call to let him know I was there and he could come out. I think he took about five minutes but in those five minutes I began to get really angry. Like not usual angry at all. In fact, previously I doubt I would have cared about this at all. Well.. im going to blame it on being pregnant anyway.

So because I was so emotional, just before the lady jabbed me for the test I asked her if I could get Myles. I'm not sure why he was sitting outside anyway because he came to see the Doctor with me. So he came and held my hand and it was ok.

This morning I had a very scratchy throat. The kind of throat that makes you cough and when you cough, feel like vomiting. Fun stuff. I'm not sure if its a pregnant thing or a flu thing but I'm starting to wear. I'm getting tired and my throat is all scratchy. It makes me all very emotional at times. But its weird because I understand that I'm just being emotional and that its not a true emotion?!

Dr said to keep the fluids up so I will do so.

I've been very blessed with very little nausea so far. I can thank my little one for not making her mama so sick and I hope it continues!

21 July 2010

She had style, she had flair she was there...

Yes I have become a nanny. What better way to prepare for my coming arrival?

This is totally the dream job. Looking after children. I started this week.

I must admit it is such a different world.

When I was a little tacker my Mum stayed home to look after us. Each day I would hang out with my mum. We'd paint or draw or play games or go on picnics. I'm sure we did really boring things like paying the bills but I can only recall happy memories.

Mum went to work on weekends when I got a little older but then we had Dad the schoolteacher with us. We would eat pancakes for breakfast on Saturday mornings, go to violin lessons and play around.

Sometimes, when Mum and Dad had date night we would be looked after by Camille the girl down the street. She was in year 6 when my older sister was in kindy so she must be pretty old by now. Camille was magic. She played the best games with us. We would play make believe shops or doctor surgeries or travel agencies. She made us hot chocolate and then she would march us off to bed shouting "Hop two three four." "About face, turn right, clean your teeth, in your bed, go to sleep!"

When Camille couldn't come we would have another teenager from down the street. She would make us watch tv. I have a distinct memory of standing at the front door watching Mum and Dad go with tears in my eyes on one of these occasions.

Other than Mum and Dads date night however, we usually had the both of them home. Dad being a school teacher was home pretty much the whole time we were and Mum worked part time and was there most of the time too. So its a different world being a nanny to these little children. I feel I have so much responsibility. I cook them dinner, I bring them home from school. It's great. I love the practice that I'm getting. And I'm learning about a new way to grow up.

I can remember in church one week learning about how we can all care for each other as a family. Families are not just Mum, Dad and the kids. I get to be a part of these peoples lives and help them out at the same time. I am rich in time and energy so I can help look after their kids. I get to watch them and see how they do things and learn from that. Its a pretty great thing.

I hope I can learn a thing or two before this little one comes along. And I hope Ill be a good nanny. ;)

Image Credit: Flickr User *clairity*

19 July 2010

Excuse me Mr Librarian

Today I went to the library in search of some books about (you guessed it) babies.
What i found was mildly disappointing.

There on dewy decimal section 618 was a mere half shelf full of books. I think I was expecting a few more. I scoured the shelf for titles such as "Ina May's guide to childbirth" and Kaz Cookes "Up the Duff", books I had heard of, but none were there. There was not even a copy of the dreaded "What to expect when you're expecting."

So I settled on two titles.

"Gentle birth, gentle Mothering" by Sarah Buckley
It has a foreword by Ina May Gaskin


"Pregnancy; Questions and Answers."

So far the Q&A book has been really interesting. I was reading it with Myles and he had a few eye-pop-at-the-diagram moments.

I'll have to read the other one and see how it goes.
Meanwhile I will be looking for more titles. In a world of so many pregnancy books how can I choose a good one?

Aaaand.. after telling me that I had lots of overdue fines the Mr Library man glanced down at my books then up at me and I saw a little smirky smile on his face.


Image Credit: New York Public Library

18 July 2010

Count your blessings

I am a very blessed little girly.

I thought it would be important to think of all the things that are sweet and lovely about my life right now. To remember all the wonderful things God has given me.

So here they are. In no particular order.

#1 I am loved, saved, forgiven by The one and only God.

#2 I have a husband who adores me.

#3 I have a family who aren't unusually messed up. Who love me and support me. I know them and they know me.

#4 I have a sweet little one who is growing inside me and filling me with joy.

#5 I have a fabulous job as a nanny that goes right up until Feburary. (The little one is due mid-March.)

#6 We recently moved into my sister and brother in laws house (not with them, they moved out) which has an extra room. There is no way we would have fit the three of us in our old house.

#7 I live in a country where my baby will most likely be fine. I live 5 mins drive from the hospital we hope to give birth in.

7 is a holy number. Lets leave it there.

Books for the Bobbin #1

I have always loved reading and read a lot when I was little.
I think its pretty important to teach your kids to love books.

This little segment is to show books from my childhood or books I see in the shop that I would like to read to my little one.

The first is "Quick as a Cricket" by Audrey Wood. My Mum and Dad used to read me this book all the time when I was little. I really liked it. Dad made up a song to go along with the words.

I'm as quick as a cricket
I'm as slow as a snail
I'm as small as an ant
I'm as big as a whale.

I loved this book.

Mum gave it away to our cousins when I was a bit older and it wasn't until years later when I realised how much I loved it that we sneaked it back.

It had beautiful pictures of the little boy in the story playing with all the different animals in the story and at the end it says.

"Put them all together and you've got me!"


This is one I will be reading to my little one.

The first food shop.

Myles and I went food shopping for the first time since finding out about our little one.
Not an unusual thing to do at all. We usually go to the coles that is just up the road.

Now I have a guilty pleasure. Finger buns. Iced finger buns with hundreds and thousands and creamy white or pink icing. There is a bakers delight right next to coles that sells the best finger buns around. They are so soft and creamy and yummy. I will often get one as a special treat when Myles and I go shopping. They are a guilty pleasure as I'm sure they have more than a few calories inside and probably more sugar than a can of coke. But I love them.

That was until I went food shopping for the first time since finding out about our little one.
One look at those buns and I began to feel queasy. I felt the bile rise in my throat. I had to look away. The very sight of the buns let alone the thought of actually putting one in my mouth made me sick to my stomach.

These blessed buns I fear will be off the shopping list for the next 8 or so months alas.
Its probably for the best. I don't want my little one getting high on the sugar and going psycho in my belly. If that is even possible??
I think the idea is to eat healthy food while pregnant so maybe its my body telling me to hold off on the sweet stuff.

Its interesting to think about food cravings. I am always craving one food or another. Myles said to me yesterday that just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to crave food or eat like a pig. I think I'm just excited.

Hmm. When they do come I guess I will know. Mum said she craved spicy food when she had me. I think I will be the same. I definitely like spicy food. We shall soon see.

Image credit : Bakers delight homepage.

17 July 2010

Oh my you are SO young!

I have always loved babies.
Really. I think that they are the bees very knees.

I have always imagined children in my life.
Lots of them. Running round, playing, laughing, smiling.

I met my lovely husband Myles in 2006 when we were the sweet young age of seventeen. He fast became one of my best friends. We could talk about pretty much anything. We would have long conversations in stead of studying for our exams and maybe once or twice he helped me with my maths.

After a long year of the HSC we decided we liked each other more than just a bit. Myles had taken me to my year 12 graduation and he was nothing but a gentleman.

We got engaged in July 2008 and married in January 2009. Exactly 6 months later.

We both love kids and always knew we would have a bucket load of them. The question of course remained "when?"

Earlier this year we found out some news that meant it might be really hard for us to get pregnant. It came as a bit of an unexpected shock. I kept wondering what Gods plan in all of this was. Did he not want us to have kids ever? Did He want us to wait?

So we prayed and prayed that Gods will would be done and decided to stop trying to not get pregnant.

Low and behold it only took a few months and here we are.

We are reminded that God is mighty and in control. His will be done.

So yes we are very young and most likely could have waited a few years and still been young to have babies but its happening to us now. I dont feel totally incompetent, in fact I have always been interested in babies and have quite a wide knowledge of the theory of having babies.

We have supportive family that love us and I have a wonderful husband and best friend who will never stop looking after our family.

image credit Cornell University

15 July 2010


There are lots of things that change when you have a little one inside.

I found out about my little one on a church youth camp.
It was day two and I hadn't had a visit from Aunt Flo in 37 days. It was a Tuesday.
Its tricky to get your hopes up but not get your hopes up.
We were not going to be home till Friday.

We decided to purchase a test.

I felt whole new level of shopping centre awkwardness akin to buying condoms or tampons. As I signed my name on the credit card slip I made sure the girl serving me would see my wedding ring and not assume I was some reckless teen caught in a bad situation.

It was not really at all like preg tests on movies. There was not nearly as much tension in the air. Myles was sitting on the couch knitting. Teens were running round outside. I was trying to get him to show a little more enthusiasm. I think he was trying not to get his hopes up.

And there on the test was a second line. A very faint line but a line all the same. I scoured the internet for the meaning of a faint line and was assured that any line at all was enough.

Well... there it was. It had happened. It was done.

Well the first part anyway. I did some calculations and figured out I am 4 weeks in. The due date is the 18th of March 2010. An autumn baby.

And now there are things to consider. I cant do or eat anything I want anymore. The main ones seem to be.

No alcohol - which I have been doing the last few months just in case.

No gross food - That means anything raw or slightly uncooked. (No sushi or sashimi) No soft cheese, no uncooked deli meats or cold chicken, no salad that has been sitting around for a while. etc

Folic acid is good! - Folic acid prevents spina-bifida. I remember one of my good friends telling me in high school that if all women took folic acid when pregnant, spina-bifida would cease to exist. Its good stuff.

Sprouts are OUT - This is ok. I dont really eat sprouts.

30c cones are the very devil - apparently because the dodgy maccas staff dont clean the soft serve machines very often there is a bacteria within the pigfat that hates babies. This is one thing I shall have to put up with. Probably for the best.

Im sure there are many others I will hear about in the coming months. I'm sure there will be a flood of suggestion once this all becomes public knowledge. But I guess that is all a part of the sisterhood.

What are women for if not to tell other women how to live/work/bring up children/husbands/parents?

So far I am feeling really good. I have a slight slight nausea sometimes. And a bit of a strong sense of smell. The strange thing is that I have had these same symptoms for the last few months right before I found out I wasn't pregnant and they are much less this time. I feel pretty hungry right after I eat but that might just be the camp food. They say only 50% of women will experience nausea during pregnancy so maybe I'm part of the other half. The lucky half? Or maybe its all waiting for me tomorrow?

It's all a bit of a daunting process. The little one is about the size of a sesame seed at the moment but God willing will grow into a little baby and then a person and then an adult! And I will be it's mama.

This is very exciting.

I love my little sesame seed already.

Image credit: Flickr user Vige "Soft Serve (Brooklyn, NY)

a prayer for you my child

I pray that you would know the God who made you.

That you would love Him and trust him to look after you.

I pray that you would always find joy even when things are tricky.

I pray that you would take chances. Do things that interest you regardless of what other people tell you is the right thing to do.

I pray that you would not be too scared to admit you are wrong when you do something that interests you and it blows up in your face.

I pray that nothing will hurt you but I know this prayer is futile. I pray that you have the strength to overcome those hurts.

I pray that you would love your Mama and Dad. That we would love you and that you would never be afraid to talk to us.

I pray that you would be healthy, energetic and fun. That the world might be your oyster.

I pray that you will have a contagious laughter, a gentle spirit and an inquisitive mind.

I pray that you will have friends to love and be loved by. That your family will adore you and that you will have siblings to boss around.

I pray that you will know that Jesus died for you and that fact will change your life. I pray that it deeply impacts you and you will live your life for him.


image credit Aldo Risolvo: Flickr

Dear little one...

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