28 February 2013

2 - thirty seven

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 photo 69cc3024-1912-47c5-bce4-bedd7077e30f.jpg  photo 09fdda5c-97a2-477f-a899-a17761ea2408.jpg  photo 04487ac5-5ef3-4ea8-bfcb-5dd4d6eea5fb.jpg

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pretty pregnant. Sweltering in the humidity and I think I felt myself waddle a little today. I'm having to be really careful with what I eat or the dreaded heartburn ruins my sleep. It's getting tricky to lift Lucy without feeling as though I'll drop my uterus which makes it really hard when she puts her hands in the air and says "tuddle."
Can't complain too much. Most days I still have ankles and am not stranded on the floor if I get down to play duplo.


I actually started packing my bags yesterday and then realised we are going away this weekend and will need the bags. Uhhhh.
I'm practicing my breathing techniques and reading the psychedelic birth stories in Ina May Gaskins "Spiritual Midwifery."
I've also hit the nesting hard. I can't sit still. I find myself straightening everything and sweeping a few times a day.


I'm thirty seven weeks which means full term. Half of me thinks "bring on the baby" and then I freak because I don't feel quite ready and also because I could get to forty one weeks like last time.

thirty seven weeks of Lucy

26 February 2013

To do

So on Thursday I'll be thirty seven weeks in and I thought I'd share my to do list with you. I'm anticipating another late baby arrival so yep, I'm yet to pack my hospital bag. There's still time right?

25 February 2013

Sweet girl of mine

This girl of mine is two tomorrow.

She is getting so big.
Her hair is long and curly and her legs are growing long but she still fits in what is left of my lap. She runs, jumps and dances with increasing coordination.

She sits on the big girl toilet and wears big girl undies during the day. I tell her I'm proud of her and she beams.
She reads and reads. It was always our intention to encourage a love of books in her and our dreams have been fulfilled tenfold.

We have conversations about monkeys, about sore knees and babies in tummies. We talk about going to granny and waa waas house. She furrows her brow when things aren't right and giggles when they are silly.

She likes watching play school and has a newfound interest in nature documentaries. She is learning all the names and the sounds that go with them.

She isn't such a fan of the eating of food but loves to help me cook. Stirring, sorting and flipping and of course licking the bowl.

She's my little cuddle girl and loves to be held tight. She adores her dada and runs to cuddle him when he gets home. It is a joy to my heart.

My sweet girl. It's been almost two years since you were placed wide eyed on my chest and almost three since I began to know you. To watch you grow and change is one of life's biggest joys.

The focus

I've got two things I'm thinking about when it comes to the impending birth of smalls.

1. Labour never lasts forever.
One way or another she will come back. The time I spend in the birth centre will be dwarfed by the time we spend out of it. (God willing of course.)

2. It happens every day.
See all those people walking round? Their mamas gave birth to them. It happens. The system works.

These two things, a very relaxed birth plan and a cool headed husband and God watching over will be what gets me through the next few weeks. It's getting close!

13 February 2013

dear smalls

hey there little baby
how's it all going in there?

I haven't written to you much this pregnancy but I
just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how
much we are all looking forward to your arrival.

You have a big sister out here who is getting
pretty keen.
You've probably heard her constant singing
and chattering from in there. She gives you so
many kisses and cuddles and knows exactly
where her "baby warwar" is.
I'm trying to teach her about what it will be like
when you get here and the other day when
I asked her what we will do with our baby
she said "very gentle." So here's hoping.

Your dada keeps telling me how excited he
is about you.
Take it from me, your dada looks great with
a baby in his arms and I'm looking forward
to watching.

I've been feeling your kicks getting stronger
and watching you move around in my belly
and little girl, I'm so keen to meet you.
I want to look into your eyes and tell you I'm
your mama. I want to kiss your sweet cheeks
and smell your sweet baby smell.

Only a little while longer small one.

Love Mama.

11 February 2013

-your name here-

So folks, I'm having a baby in six(ish) weeks.
A not napping toddler has meant the ole blog has been a little quiet over the last little while but when smalls makes her debut I'm guessing it might get a little quieter.

That's where you come in.
I'd love to see YOU on here.

If you would like to write or reuse a guest post I'd love to host it.
Stumped on what to write?
It could be a birth story, love story or life story.
You can be a blogger or just a reader everyone is welcome.

If you'd like to join in and fill up the blog in my maternity leave, click on the link that says "email" over on the right and drop me a line.

10 February 2013

2 - thirty four

We took this weeks photos next to the elephants at the zoo. I thought it would make me look good. Ya know, in comparison.

 photo f7ad7543-a039-40d0-ba68-33b186a553df.jpg

 photo e23fcea1-c740-40e6-a17f-2265a9e7ac86.jpg

 photo 2a1704eb-d730-4be6-87bc-3b1139b4533b.jpg


Pregnant. My energy drains fast and heartburn is a pretty regular occurrence. I can't even drink oj.
However, my feet are not so puffy and I'm still wearing my wedding ring. Small wins.


Trying to survive sans toddler nap. Myl goes back to college on Monday. Heaven help us.
It's really doing me in.
Went to Priceline and bought all my baby needs. Ahh breast pads how I forgot about you.


Six weeks is an incredibly short amount of time.

Also, if you were wondering what Lu is doing in the photo she is being a monkey. Possibly a big dada monkey or a baby monkey. The zoo was pretty awesome.

thirty four weeks of Lucy - yikes on a bike. Hello water retention!

08 February 2013

Oh end.

It seems my sweet napping Lucy days are over.
My days of instagramming pics of my sweet sleeping girl are gone.

Just in the last week she has stopped going to sleep in the day. She gets tired, we lie down but no snooze.
It's breaking my heart just a little. Not only was I loving the co napping time but my pregnant body was loving the rest as well.

I'm left with a bleary eyed girl who at 6pm descends into a mess of tears and falls asleep during her bedtime story.

I was hoping we'd make it to the birth of smalls and maybe family naps would be in order but it seems it is not to be.

Oh Lucy day nap how I will miss you.

01 February 2013

2 - thirty three

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 photo 5c2d7146-2f3f-41d4-a4da-ad451e4770a0.jpg

 photo 514d52f9-b458-4e1d-b3c9-a3e77c7f6a6b.jpg    photo 877b39e7-fb40-4331-805a-cd00dfb4dc71.jpg   photo b5518620-1a11-406c-b908-464f4509b1e1.jpg


I'm starting to feel the kind of kicks that can be identified as body parts. It's pretty lovely and very poky. I think room is getting a little tighter in there.
It's getting a bit tricky to sleep, I get the odd bout of heartburn but all in all I'm feeling pretty good.


Myl was away last week from Wednesday to Sunday. It was pretty tough. Not so much the solo parenting stuff but the missing my husband stuff.
I need to write a baby to do list. Pack my bag for hospital? Get ready for this little one?


In two ish months a little snugly baby will be joining our ranks. I am really looking forward to meeting her. I'm hoping hoping hoping to not have a caesarean this time. I've been training my body and mind but in the end I guess I just want her.

thirty two weeks of Lucy

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