29 October 2010


How far along? 19 weeks
Baby’s Size: 22 cm long and 340 grams. 
Total Weight Gain: 3 kilos. Starting to put that baby fat on!
Maternity Clothes: not exclusively
Gender: Mum knows, paper knows.
Movement: Yes! Feeling some little squirms and wiggles. Mostly before bed or when I'm really still.
Sleep: Tricky when I have to breathe through my mouth. Silly flu. Note the heavy black bags under my eyes.
Symptoms: Irritability.. wait is that just me?
Best Moments this week: Tuesdays photo shoot and jiggly baby.
Food Aversions: nah
Food Cravings: Just food in general. It seems like I'm always hungry.
What I miss: sleeping on my belly.
What I am Looking forward to: finding out that gender!
Milestones: Baby has been checked up and is all fine! Thankyou God.
Awesome fact about little one: Baby can hear and respond to noise.

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28 October 2010

Sore head, runny nose and moving belly.


Im lying in bed typing this on my phone. Its a pitiful sight. My nose is dripping like a leaky tap and my head feels like it has collided with a brick wall. Sleep seems like a tricky concept.


All is peachy because my bobbin started to move. Thats right I can feel all sorts of little wriggles and squirms going on. It started yesterday with popping bubbles as I was driving and now I can feel the little one moving about. No big kicks though. Heres hoping that means we have a gentle little soul in there.

Ok time to attempt some sleep.


It's getting into the warmer part of the year and the local pool is open. It only costs 2 dollars to go so I think I will be going a lot.

But with an expanding belly I need something to wear. Here is what I've found.

Haven't been able to find many from Australia so I might have to buy it overseas.

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27 October 2010

Introducing the cutest little nose in the family.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here is the little one.

Everything is well. All bits and pieces are where they should be and the little one is growing and moving and being very cute.

I had a much nicer ultrasound experience than the last one. No crazy bladder pains and a very friendly technician.

They had a sign in the waiting room that said only one visitor allowed which was a bit of a problem as both my Mum and Myl had come to see the show. But the friendly man let them both in as long as they stayed quiet.

It was so wonderful to see the little one on the screen at long last. No longer was there a blobby duck but fingers and toes and a little face and backbone.

I think the most precious thing was seeing the hands and feet. Little one gave us a wave and was dancing and jiggling all over the place. Those feet definitely belong to Myl.

Now for the big question... boy or girl?

Well.. someone knows. We got the technician to write it on a card for us and it is currently sealed and away in a place only Myl knows where. I'm really itching to find out. Mum says she could tell but if she could she is not telling anyone. She may be bribed and coerced but as far as I'm aware she hasn't even told my Dad. So its a surprise folks. We will find out at our Itsa party on the 20th.

I really want to know.

I'm getting boy vibes cos those feet were ENORMOUS.

It was so nice to see the little one. I'm so happy all is well and good. It's so nice to think of the little one swimming around in there having a ball.

25 October 2010

The pursuit of busyness

I have had such a busy ole weekend.

On Friday night I had a lovely birthday celebration with my dear friend Laura.

This is us when we had just finished high school.


We had some pasta at the Italian Forum in Leichhardt and then went to San Churro for some tasty hot choc made with real chocolate beads.

I had the white hot chocolate.

On Saturday Myl and I took some kiddos from church to the UV festival.
That was fun. There were puppets and goats and singing and craft.
We got to ride into the city with the kids on the bus.
It was really nice. They are such lovely kids.

We went home for a short nap before doing some babysitting.
That was fun.
I think Myles may have scared the little babysiteee. Maybe it was his beard.

The next morning we had Sunday school and went to India.
We did bollywood dancing, made naan, learnt about the Toulmin family who translate the Bible and made some elephant masks.

I wish I had taken photos.

Then I had a practice for a kids play that was on this morning. Some lovely ladies asked me to play music for their play about the Little Red Hen. We performed it this morning to a group of very cute and excitable pre-schoolers. 

Hmm there is just so much to write about.

In the midst of all that Myl and I had a home date. We had some good ole devonshire tea.

I did take some pictures of that.

Scones with jam and cream and lemongrass and ginger tea. ( A birthday present from Nic.) Yum!

Needless to say our whole little family is pretty tired after the weekend.


We get to peek at the little one tomorrow!!!
So exciting.

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22 October 2010

Womb with a View

I am really excited.

On Tuesday we are having an ultrasound. We get to look at the little one again.
This time there will be less rubber ducky and more cute baby hands and faces
and bellies.

I'm thrilled to bits.

My mum is coming down in the morning and we are going to spend some time together
and then the US is at 2pm at the hospital. My mum is super excited. Maybe it's something to do with her first grandbaby and all. She sees babies born all the time at work but this is one she gets to cuddle and love forever... I'm actually a bit worried she may steal the little tacker after the birth.

I have been told that the hospital is terrible at keeping appointment times.
This makes me worry a small bit. My appointment was 45 mins late at the birth centre.

I'm sure it will be all fine. I may have to take a drink bottle (If you know what I mean)


this is the ultrasound where they can tell if its a little bobby boy or sweetie pie girl.

Yes we are going to find out... most likely.

I'm now having doubts about finding out.

Is it better to find out or have a surprise? What did you do? Are you happy with your decision?

If we do find out we are going to have an "it's a" party in the park when Myl finishes his exams. We will let the whole world know on that day and there will be sweet treats and prizes and lots of fun.

For all we know the little one might decide to be modest and we wont be able to find out anyway.

Problem solved.

Image credit; Flickr kirakirahoshi

21 October 2010

red shoes

There is a blog that I follow called Look at the Birds.

image credit: Look at the Birds
It's really cute. The girl who writes it has a sweet little girl who she bought these little moccasins for.

Aren't they just the sweetest?

So the other day she posted up where to get them.

They are handmade in Canada and are $41. 30 in Australia dollars.

image credit- sears.com

So expensive but so cute.
If only baby feet didn't grow so much.

You can buy them here.
From Sears.
They are made by a brand called Amimoc.

Oh and the come in blue, yellow, brown and green as well.
But I like the red.

20 October 2010

Dear little one...

Oh baby I have been so worried about you.
I'm getting into paranoid mama mode
and keep imagining scary things.
we got to hear your heartbeat again
and the midwife said it was perfect!
That's you! Perfect!
I hope you are having a fun old time
swimming away inside there.
Prepare yourself because we are going
to take a peep at you next week.
Cant wait to see you in black and white!

love Mama


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19 October 2010


How far along? 18 weeks
Baby’s Size: 20 cm long and 310 grams. How sweet.
Total Weight Gain: Same as last week. Waiting for the poundage to pack.
Maternity Clothes: cant fit into my regular shorts anymore :( Bring on the stretchy waistband.
Gender: No idea.
Movement: I am hoping it will be soon!
Sleep: Good when I get there. I keep staying up excited about baby.
Symptoms: Belly button is becoming an outie.
Best Moments this week: making some crafty presents for the little one.
Food Aversions: Don't especially feel like much sweet stuff.
Food Cravings: Not really. Roast potatoes? Honey chicken. same old.
What I miss: nothing this week.
What I am Looking forward to: The itsa party/Myl being on hols.
Milestones: Baby has hair (lanugo) all over its body. So yes it has a beard.
Awesome fact about little one: When I walk around all day I'm rocking ole sweet cheeks to sleep. It's wake up time when I lie down to go to sleep.

Yes it's a popularity contest but I'd love you to vote...

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18 October 2010

c'mon kid, go for a goal

 Babies playing football in Libero's football diapers - Sweden

Two things I'm guessing about this little fella*

He* is taking after his mama in that he likes to nap. I have not felt one little squirm/move/kick/poke/fidget since he made his merry way into my womb.
I hope this means I will have the calmest gentlest little babe.

All hopes of the little one becoming a soccer star can be forgotten.

You gotta start by kicking little one!!

In other news. I have my midwife appointment at the birth centre booked for this Wednesday. I booked it in quite a few months ago and I don't know why it isn't till week 18 but that's ok. 
I'm quite excited. 

I hope we get to hear the family's smallest heartbeat again.


I made these...
Thanks meetmeatmikes book.

*In a non gender specific way. I'm not going to say "it".

Image Credit - Flickr Hygiene Matters 

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15 October 2010

crafty birthday to you

Now I know it was my birthday a while ago...

Yikes it was a month ago today!

But I got given a Myer gift card and since Myer is right down there in the big city I hadn't been yet.
But yesterday after I finished work Myles and I had a spontaneous date to go to Myer.

Romantic no?

I had in my mind what I wanted to get and there it was on sale for 35% off!

This is the meet me at mikes book. It rocks my socks.
Its super trendy craft things.

There is a project in there to make some little baby shoes.

Im going to make them tonight.

It was so discounted that I could buy a whole other book with my voucher.

So I go this one.

They are softies.

They are super duper cute.

I'm going to make some for the little one.

Myles like the pink alien on the cover. I think I will make it first.

Just need to take a trip to Spotlight.

After our romantic time at Myer we went to one of our favourite places to eat.
Pancakes at the Rocks.

It was very good.
Little bobbin agreed.

14 October 2010


Here are some of the swellest prams I have found recently.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a baby wearing mama so unless the little one is not so cuddly I probably won't use a pram for a few months. But it can't hurt to look?

Sweet ole fashioned pram. Not so sure about using it in the inner west. But isn't she lovely?

Quinny Zapp. This thing folds into the smallest packet ever. But it has no recline function. Not so good for sleeping babies.

Peg Perego SKATE System. Looks like a space ship. For a baby.

This one is just caraaaaaazy.

Childcare Sonic Stroller - Simple, cheap, not loads of useless padding. Reclines and has lots of space for nappy bag. I think this is the one we liked in the shop. Maybe not the best for the inner west?

Quinny Buzz 4 Wheeler - pretty awesome. V. Expensive. Do you get what you pay for?

Phil & Teds Vibe Buggy With Double Kit - hmm maybe one day. 

So what do you think folks? Which is your favourite? Which one did you buy? What is good to look for in a pram?

13 October 2010

Dear little one...

You are growing fingernails this week.
I'm imagining your little nail-less hands
it makes me want to hold them.
Will we paint those nails together?
Will you have your dadas hands. I hope
if you are a girl you don't. He has man
Will those fingers wear rings? A wedding
ring perhaps? One day...
I will hold those hands when we cross the
road, teach those hands to draw and paint
and maybe play the violin?
Those hands will clap and dance and click
and help you to pick your nose.
Oh little one. I look forward to meeting those
hands and the little person attached to them.

love mama

12 October 2010


How far along? 17 weeks
Baby’s Size: 19cm. The size of a roast potato apparently.
Total Weight Gain: Not much. Maybe 1 or 2 kgs?
Maternity Clothes: just looser things but I'm loving the mini bump in regular tshirts.
Gender: Myl is team pink. I am team blue.
Movement: Not yet...
Sleep: Crazy vivid dreams.
Symptoms: Quite a lot of silliness and preggo brain.
Best Moments this week: Getting bumpy. The bump in the pic looks so much bigger than it really is. Its the dress.
Food Aversions: Not a food but the dead rat I smelled and threw up after smelling. :(
Food Cravings: The other night I could smell starburst lollies.
What I miss: swimming... so gotta start!
What I am Looking forward to: that little one starting to kick.
Milestones: Baby's second wedding. Baby's first wedding as known baby. 

10 October 2010

where it's at

So at this stage all is really well with the little one.
We have heard the heartbeat on two separate occasions and it is loud and strong.
Bobbin is moving round like an athlete and having a great old time.
I can't feel any movement just yet but I'm sure it's only around the corner.

We have an ultrasound appointment on the 26th. Only 2 glasses of water this time so it should be ok. It will be so exciting to see the little bob again this time looking less like a blobby duck and hopefully more like us?!?!
And yes we are going to find out if its a little girl or boy but stay tuned for more exciting info on this topic...

My belly is just starting to pop out which is so nice. It's good to finally be starting to feel pregnant but I'm so lucky to have missed out on all the nausea and pain I know other women experience.

I'm loving having this little one inside so so much!

image credit - tumblr chaispice

09 October 2010

silly sick and sad

I am all three of these things this week.

Silly - I'm sure you are all aware of the term "comfort eater." I am not a comfort eater. I really like food and cooking and reading Jamie Oliver cookbooks but in order to enjoy I have to be happy. Most of the time I am happy so this is not a problem. But in the morning or lunchtime if I am at home on my lonesome the desire to cook is not within me.

This presents a bit of a problem when there is not one but two to feed. I keep needing to remind myself that I need to eat lots and regularly and healthily because it is not just me I am feeding. So my morning ritual consists of;

Wake up
have a shower
feed the bobbin... etc

I need that mindset otherwise Myles comes home and I realise that I am starving.

Its very silly... hence the title.

Sick - I think this would also be correctly labeled as silly but for the purpose of a cool title lets leave it as sick. I have hypothyroidism. It's not a big deal. I just take a pill a day. Easy right?

Well... these are special pills. The chemist told me to keep them in the fridge. (Quite a few times actually) But did I listen? Well yes... and no.

 I looked at the packet a little while ago and read that after 21 days at below 25 degrees you must discard all extra pills. In a packet of 200 I thought that sounded harsh but figured that meant you kept one blister pack in the fridge and the rest in the cupboard so they don't need to be thrown out?

Actually I'm not so sure what I thought.

But in reality it just means you can have them out of the fridge (below 25 but higher than cold cold fridge temp) for 21 days and after that chuck em out.

So I have had my pills in the cupboard with one pack in the fridge. That pack is almost gone. I am very silly and need to go get a new pack. Lucky they only cost me five bucks! Thanks PBS!


Sad - these silly and sick things make me sad. They sometimes make me feel like I will be a bad mother and forget to feed/medicate my child. Mostly they just make me laugh at myself at how rediculous and imperfect I am.

Hmm maybe I should just blame it on being pregnant and rename this post. When you get pregnant your brain turns to mush?

08 October 2010

Books for the Bobbin - The very hungry caterpillar.

One of the best books ever.

I'm just going to let it speak for itself.

07 October 2010

cook that craving

I have not been craving the healthiest of things.

Pizza, potato scallops, milkshakes, honey chicken.

I don't know if its me or the baby but we sure like our junk food.

So I decided that maybe I could find healthy(er) alternatives to those foods I crave so much and then I would not feel quite so bad for eating them.

The other night I cooked honey chicken for dinner.


- 4 chicken thighs
- 4tbs cornflour
- 2 carrots
- bunch of choy sum
- 1 cup of rice

- honey
- sweet chilli sauce
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- Chinese 5 spice

Pop your wok on. You want it so nice and hot so you don't have to fry the chicken for long. Add a few lugs of oil. You don't need to fill the wok but you do need a fair bit.

You will probably want your rice on now so it is ready by the time your fries are. Everyone cooks rice differently but I put 1 cup of rinsed rice in a saucepan with 2 cups of boiling water. When it is all boiling away I turn it to the lowest setting and simmer with the lid on for 20 mins. When the buzzer goes turn the heat off and leave the lid on till you are ready to serve up.

Cut up carrots, choy sum and chicken into bite size stirfry pieces. (I like to leave the leafy parts of the choy sum so that I can rip them up later and stir them in at the end of the stirfry)

Toss chicken in cornfour till it is all nicely coated. Pop those babies in the hot hot oil. Test the oil first with a teensy piece of chicken. If its ready the chicken will rise to the top and fizz and bubble. You will probably need to do a few batches. They wont all fit at once. Cook until they go brown and then take them out with a spoon with holes in it to drain the oil off. Place on a tray with baking paper to soak up the oil.

Once you have done that pour out all the oil. Dont wash the wok as you will need a smidgin of oil to fry the vegis. Pop in the vegis with a dash of soy sauce and 5 spice powder for flavour. If you like it plain then leave it. This is not a crucial step. By the way this is the healthy part of the meal.
Once the carrot and choy sum are cooked throw in the leaves of the choy sum. They wither very quickly so they don't need long.

When that is done put the vegis to the side. Keep your wok on add about half a teaspoon of sesame oil, a tbs of sweet chilli sauce (you could use 1/4 of a chopped chilli or leave out) and 5 or 6 tbs of honey. You need to be quick and not cook this for long. Once it is bubbling you will have toffee. It doesn't need long. Once heated and melty add the chicken and coat in the honey. You may need to add more honey see how you go.

Thats it.

Serve out your rice, vegis and chicken in little bowls and enjoy!

Serves 4

06 October 2010

results at last!

One of the midwives from the birth centre just called with my results.

She said I have antibodies.
I had no idea what this meant but she said it was good.
She also said there was no recent trace of the virus in my system.
Which is GOOD!

It means baby is ok and doesn't need to be monitored etc.

Such a weight off my mind and an answer to prayer.

Happy days.
Thanks to God.

Dear little one...

People are starting to notice you in my
tummy little one.
You are poking out and saying hello
to the world.
We still don't know if you are ok or not
but we got to hear your little heartbeat
the other day and the midwife said you
are very active for such a young one.
You have a startle reflex and its cute
thinking of you getting stunned every
time I poke my belly.
You are 16 weeks old. I wonder what you
will be like at sweet 16 years old. Will you
have never been kissed?
Can't wait to know that about you!

love mama


05 October 2010

16 going on 17.

How far along? 16 weeks (start of week 17)
Baby’s Size: 17cm.
Total Weight Gain: Haven't braved the scales this week.
Maternity Clothes: Made a note to wear maternity jeans forever. So comfy.
Gender: Feeling a bit like its a girl?
Movement: No. Hope this week is the week!!!
Sleep: Doing pretty well. Using a boomerang pillow to stay on my side.
Symptoms: E-motions. It's very easy to cry.
Best Moments this week: Heard the heartbeat last Tuesday and the midwife said the little one is v. active.
Food Aversions: Don't think so.
Food Cravings: milkshakes.
What I miss: sleeping on my belly.
What I am Looking forward to: Buying pink or blue things.
Milestones: People have been noticing a bump. The little one is making himself (in a non gender specific way) known.

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