25 January 2013

the bee sting

Back when I was a littleun I was out walking with no shoes on when I stepped on a bee. I can still picture the day.
My foot swelled up like a balloon. Bees, I learnt, were not my friend.

A few years later I was sitting under a tree in my first year at primary school. I noticed a little triangle shaped thingy on my school dress and a sharp pain on my right hand. The bees had got me again. Hand swollen I got a few days home from school. (Yes!) It appeared I was allergic.

So you can imagine my concern about twenty years later when I stepped barefoot (will I ever learn?) onto a little dying bee?
The realisation set in. I picked up Lucy ran upstairs and called my mum the expert on all things medical.*
Images flashed through my head of the swollen footed lady found with screaming toddler passed out on the bathroom floor.
Who knows what an allergy can do to an unborn baby?

Mum gave me some tips and told me to go to the hospital if my foot started to swell. As luck would have it, Myl is away this week so the trip would have involved a 32week pregnant swollen lady pushing a pram in the midday heat but hey you do what you do.

But all was well. It was naptime and I wouldn't have missed the chance to snooze for the world and when I awoke from my golden slumber my foot was normal size even considering the 40 degree day and my third trimester status.

It's such a relief. 20 years in the making but I am no longer allergic! Hooray.

Also, about those bees. The reason I stood on one is because there are about twenty of the little fellas on our balcony looking dead or nearly there. Does anyone know why? I don't remember it happening last year but they are just everywhere. Is it the end of the world?

*She's a midwife. They know EVERYTHING.

23 January 2013

camping with a toddler

Our first point of holiday business was a trip up the coast to go camping.
I knew that if we didn't get away then our holidays could easily slip away without us doing anything.

So off we went to Umina Beach.
It was so good.

I was a bit nervous about how Lu would go. She would make or break our holiday. A week without napping or late crazy nights would be enough to make camping forever a dirty word but she was an absolute champ. She was going through a brilliant sleeping pattern (which has since ended) and would go to sleep with a simple "goodnight." We packed our days so full of fun that she was just exhausted each evening.

I was amazed at how little it took to amuse our little family each day. A walk along the beach, a play on the swings, a swim in the pool and a wander after the ducks. Sandwiches for lunch and BBQ for tea.

It was relaxing and also awesome.
I think we'll make camping our yearly holiday.

beachbendover photo beachbendover_zps3075d9da.jpg

holdinghandsbeach photo holdinghandsbeach_zpsf924e8d7.jpg

lucydadashoulders photo lucydadashoulders_zps9eb595c1.jpg

mylbeach photo mylbeach_zps05d508e8.jpg

lucymamabeach photo lucymamabeach_zps49e731db.jpg

lucyyoghurt photo lucyyoghurt_zps260d9cf0.jpg

21 January 2013

lucy and the baby jesus

This year was Lucys first time in the church nativity play.
She was given the choice of being a sheep or an angel. 
After educating her on what each character was, she chose an angel.
I must admit I felt the temptation to get my "stage mum" on. 
(Flap those wings. Flap, flap, flap. And smile!)

It was pretty cute. 
After all her enthusiasm and wing flapping off stage I think she became just a little overwhelmed and stood on stage staring out into the congregation. 

The best part (for Lu) about the whole thing was the baby Jesus lying in the manger. 
After church I was dragged up to look at, poke and kiss his sweet little face.
This is how we learnt that baby Adi and baby Jesus are two different people.*

lucyangel2012 photo lucyangel2012_zps8a5cbb7e.jpg
lucypokingjesus photo lucypokingjesus_zps00f3679a.jpg
lucykissingjesus_zpsf345e0f4 photo lucykissingjesus_zpsf345e0f4.jpg
lucytheangel photo lucytheangel_zpsa7d4241b.jpg

*although I think it means that baby Jesus is a plastic doll with those freaky eyes that are supposed to close when you lie them down but after some time only manage to get halfway there leaving the appearance of a scary zombie baby. 

12 January 2013

2 - thirty one


So so much better than this time two years ago. Feels like a completely different third trimester... Which it is.
I've got really blocked sinuses though which apparently is a pregnancy thing. Coughing, blocked ears and nose, husky voice but not actually sick. It's a bizarre sensation.


I got my nest on this week. Baby clothes in the cupboard, (memories) sheets on the cot, plastics cupboard reorganised ( very essential).
I was surprised by how few 0000 size things we have. I think we must have put lu straight into 000. I'm sure she wore clothes.


About how I'm going to go once Myl is back at college. We've had a very long very lovely holiday. He went to help his folks move yesterday and Lu and I had a really hard day. The kind where I collapsed in a heap of tears at the end.
I'm just thankful that at least it won't be summer.

09 January 2013

smalls up close

There are so many moments where it is clear that Smalls is the second child.
I can't help but feel a little bad but I'm sure there will be many more.

This is one of those moments.
Over a month after they were taken, here are Smalls' ultrasound shots.




Just in case it is hard to tell...
1. Our sweet little girl in profile complete with nose which looks more Myl than Rin.
2. A little bottom and spine.
3. A fair dinkum thumbs up. Must be nice in there.

07 January 2013

fimo time

I got my diy on this year for christmas. Inspired by pinterest and mostly this blog I set to work making necklaces out of Fimo.

Here's what I came up with.


04 January 2013

she reads

It was a regular old morning.
I'd gone to bed far too late and woken early with my little one.
Bleary eyed I poured her weetbix and sat at the table phone in hand waiting to wake up.
I was looking at something silly. Rental accomodation. I can't remember why.

Then a little voice peeped up.
"Mama, bible?"
My heart dropped.
I had been trying to make a routine of sitting down at the table in this very same way to read the bible and start my day with a little encouragement and joy.
I'd made a pretty good start of it but late nights and lack of discipline had slackened me down.

What a beautiful reminder out of the mouth of a babe.

I'm not about shaming myself or feeling low and gloomy 'cause I missed a few days. That's not where my worth lies. But I am about doing something I love, enjoy and get so much out of with integrity.

Here's where that new little button on the side over there comes in.
It's called "She Reads Truth." It's about women reading the Word together.
It's about daily reading plans and devotionals, scribbling your thoughts and sharing them with others.
It's about being that little voice at the breakfast table who reminds you to do what you love.

It's pretty awesome.

It doesn't have to be the only reading you do. You can join in or out as you like but if you're like me and sometimes struggle to get going it's a great way to get a friendly loving poke up the hiney.


03 January 2013

2 - twenty nine


Back to my old self. Thankfully my pelvis is back to normal. It could have been so so much worse. I'm thankful that it fixed up in about a day. I'm getting to be a big ole pregnant lady who needs to sit down and have drinks of water all the time.
I can no longer eat fatty or spicy foods. The heartburn is not worth it and my thighs are thanking me.


Swimming! What a joy. Not only does it cool me down but it makes me light as a feather.
We were at home for a day and a half this week and I started chipping away at the ice in the freezer and reorganising the dvds. Chirp chirp.


About labour. Must. Think. About. Labour. I would really like to be prepared especially as we're shooting for a VBAC. I think it's mostly about getting my head in the game, preparing for a long first timey labour and keeping as fit and healthy as I can. Oh, also fending off the doctors who may try to sneak me into having an unnecessary caesarian. Piece of cake right?

I'm also looking at my weekly photos with Lucy and finding it hard to believe I am THAT far along.

Twenty nine weeks of Lucy

02 January 2013

summer bucket list - the fish markets

at the start of our holidays we decided to write a list of all the things we'd like to do this summer.
they mostly revolve around food but i see no real problems here.

on the list was a trip to the fish markets.
we thought Lu would like to see all the fish even though they were mostly "sleeping."

She was pretty impressed with the lobsters crawling about in their watery cages. If only she knew their fate. We ordered some fish cocktails and chips and bought some prawns and squid to cook later in the day.

Lucy chased seagulls and led her uncle round by the hand. She has picked up the words "come on" really well and uses them often.




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