29 February 2012

Sunday night craft.

Myl is out at church every Sunday night so as I am housebound with a sleeping baby I have decided to make it craft night. (that is after I flop on the couch and watch some Louis Theroux or some other puffy doco on Iview.)

This Sunday I made some more pant for Lucy. You might remember the balloon animal ones I made before she was born. I had taken in the measurements and they fit her from six months with the legs rolled up. I got the pattern from "meet me at mikes," which says they fit 9-12 months but I think these ones at the larger size will fit her for the whole winter. She has short little hobbit legs.

I found this great psychedelic fabric at spotlight. It was too cute to pass up. I wish I could have pants from the same material but I don't think I could pull it off.

Ill have to figure out what to make best for my Sunday night craftenings.

28 February 2012

From little things...

As part of my new years resolutions I decided to start a little garden. We have a nice balcony at our new house so I decided to start.

So far I have a tomato, parsley, basil, chilli and coriander. I think I thought the growing business would be far easier than it is. I've got five little plants in five little pots. Three are going great but two are looking quite sad. I think in going to go pay a visit to the local nursery to get some fertiliser and hopefully some tips.

Lucy especially likes picking bits of leaves off the plants and picking up dirt. She has already broken one of my pots so I need to keep them safely away. She is getting so mobile and defiant. I can feel some serious discipline coming on.

It's been great so far to use fresh herbs in cooking. I'm looking forward o making the garden even bigger.

Do you have a garden? What do you plant? Any hot veggi tips?

20 February 2012

Little nooks

We just moved into a new home and setting it up just right is a much trickier job with a little girl around. We like our new home. It is open and light and has some grass outside. We don't ask for much.

It's close to some pretty trendy shops, a bus stop and most importantly where Myl spends most of his time. He can
Leave home two mins before class.

Here are thee little spots in our home that make me smile.

15 February 2012

V day family date

For valentines day we all went out on a family lunch date to moo burgers.

The food - very tasty and huge! I had the beef and avo and Myl had the big burger. They use organic meat and the patties were delicious. The only downside was figuring out how to eat such a ginormous burger. I had a fruit frappe and Myl had a moo shake. They came with cute stripy paper straws and were very nice. The frappe was just what I needed for my sore throat.

Price- burgers range from 11 - 29 dollars. Pretty decent for what you get. It's a trendy place and the prices match.

Lucy- there was plenty of room for the stroller, Lucy enjoyed bits of our burgers and had a lovely old time wandering round making friends.

13 February 2012

Sew nice

My little girl was sick and sad yesterday. She did a lot of bottom lip sticking out. She did a lot of waking up in the evening.

In between rocks back to sleep, temperature checks and panadol doses I did a spot of sewing. Very simple skirt. I think I shall wear it today just for fun.

It's actually the first piece of clothing I have made for myself. 

05 February 2012

Toothie pegs

My little girl has three teeth and a third coming. I finally snapped a little pic of them. She likes using them to grind up fruit and chew on my knees.

04 February 2012

Ten months old

My little girl is ten months old.

Other than becoming increasingly hard to photograph she has been doing so many new things.

Lucy started crawling a while ago but has now perfected it. She can crawl up one step, pull herself up on things and coast around on the furniture. She is so close to walking. She has taken a few little steps but keeps falling over.

She is a very chattery little thing. She babbles away and has said a few recognisable words. I'm pretty sure she once said "apple pie" but I'm not too sure.

We've moved into our new house and Lucy has moved out of our room. I was a bit sad about it but she kept waking up when we would come in to go to sleep. She has been sleeping like a.champion in her new room.

Lucy is becoming a big fan of food and throwing food on the floor. She is a pretty healthy bubba and enjoys her fruit and veg. She has had the compulsory slipped piece of chocolate from her granny.

Lucy loves reading. She stares at the pictures and gets excited for her favourite pictures in her favourite books. Where is the green sheep is the top book at the moment.

She is becoming so much more aware of her surroundings and loves looking out the windows and exploring around a room. She sings and dances along with music and seems to recognise a lot of what we say. "where's dada?"

Lucy has become so much more clingy at home although maybe she was always like this. She freaks out a bit if she can't see me and is alone but if there are others around she is completely fine.

She still has a cheeky little smile and an infectious giggle. I love her to bits.

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