15 February 2011


How far along? 35 weeks
Baby’s Size 47 cm and 2.6 kg
Where she is: head down and facing the right. It feels like she is moving lower every day.
Maternity Clothes: On the downhill stretch. Don't think I will need to buy any more clothes.
Belly Button: flatoutie.
Gender: definitely a girl!
Movement: Our girl is getting BIG. Sometimes she moves and my belly completely changes shape. She has also been hiccuping quite a lot. It's very cute.
Sleep: Great. I need to prop myself up with pillows and am having extremely vivid dreams.
Symptoms: Heartburn when I lie a particular way in bed. Symphysis pubis pain. (this means a sore pelvis cos someones head is there.
Best Moments this week: Having an ultrasound and seeing little sweet cheeks having a snooze.
Food Aversions: nothing this week.
Food Cravings: fruit
What I miss: sleeping on my belly.
What I am Looking forward to: Well there isn't much left of pregnancy to go. I guess I'm interested to see how big my belly will get.
Milestones: 5 weeks (ish) to go! Almost at term.
Awesome fact about little one: She is all cooked just needing to brown a bit. She's going to get fatter and get better at sucking.

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Anonymous said...

Like a ship in full sail,
And a ship in full sail is a beautiful thing.

nico said...

you are the cutest pregnant lady i ever did see.

Carey said...

hahaha Just need to brown a bit! Love it!!
I hear you on the pelvis pain. Man oh man no one ever tells you about that but I have had it constantly for a good two months.

You are looking radiant by the way! I love your scarf and your smiles and your hair! Very cute.

Rinny said...

Carey- I went to the doctor today and she said to go to the physio for pelvis pain. I don't know about in the states but here we have free ante-natal physio. It's tricky to get into but might be worth it if you have been sore for two months?

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