17 August 2010


This morning I called the very in demand RPA birth centre.

The birth centre is a place for women to have their low-risk babies in a natural kinda way.
I think I'll write another post on my ideas about natural childbirth sometime down the track but to cut a long story short I'm pretty sure I'm going to go au naturale.

There are three rooms in the centre that are set up just like a bedroom at home with a double bed and couches etc. (They do kinda look like cheap and nasty hotel accomodation but its nicer than a hospital bed.)

There is also a big birthing tub. I've read a few stories about giving birth in water. It seems pretty nice. I'm glad that I have it as an option. There are also mats, beanbags, birthing balls and birth stools.

It's apparently booked out really quickly so I was a bit nervous when I called them this morning at exactly 9 weeks. But they let me in. I'm all booked. I get to go check it out in early September and then have a midwife check in October. The time is really flying now that people know about the little one and things are getting busier. I'm sure it will be March in no time.

I'm pretty happy about it. It's staffed by a team of midwives. My mum is a midwife and I feel pretty safe in their hands. I think its a nice idea of the sisterhood helping you to give birth.

So. stoked!

Image Credit: Huffington post. Film Nine Months

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