04 January 2011


I just got back from my 29 week checkup. The first of the fortnightly visits.

I feel awful.
I was feeling all sprightly and well this morning as we left. When we got there I got to see the midwife pretty much straight away. She was really friendly and lovely.

I was supposed to have my glucose test (for gestational diabetes) before Christmas but it just didn't happen so I had it done today. They got me to drink the sweetest drink I have ever tasted. It was thick and syrupy like cordial without the water in it. It had a slight fizz. After drinking that I was feeling even more sprightly.

The midwife took my blood pressure - 120/65 (perfect she said)

She felt around for the little one but couldn't figure out where she was. I think she was sleeping at the time. In the mornings I don't really feel her. She is moving right now and I can tell exactly where she is.
She found the heartbeat and said it was good.

Then I had to wait an hour to get my blood tested. I sat in the waiting room and read a book about babies. I began to feel a bit drowsy. It felt like I was coming down from that sugar high. Myl went to move the car and when he was gone the time came for the blood test.

I felt pretty good about the needle. I could tell this midwife would be really good at blood tests. But I was still feeling a bit drowsy. As soon as the needle went in (which I barely felt) i started to feel dizzy. I told the midwife and she told me to drop my head and keep my arm still.

She finished up the test and gave me some iced water. I felt so dizzy. The water helped. Myl came in just at that moment and gave my head a pat. I like that.

She told me to lie down next time.

After finishing my water I went out to the car where Myl was waiting. I began to feel a bit queasy. When I got to the car I felt like I needed to vomit. You know that horrible feeling in your throat. I wound down the window and contemplated running into emergency for a vomit bag. Feeling woozy we drove on. I was holding an empty packet of shapes (just in case) and had the window wound right down. Myles started to pray for me and I started to feel better. Crisis averted.

I still feel a bit under the weather. It's a cool day today. So odd for Janurary. So we are having a nice little relax in the lounge room.

It's nice. More water I think.

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Carey said...

Oh poor thing! I did read that the glucose drink can make you nauseous. Add on top of that getting your blood drawn.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

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