12 December 2012

2 - twenty four, five, six.







This baby is moving! I'm feeling knees and elbows all over my tummy. It moves and jiggles. Some would call it freaky but I kinda like it.
I'm not feeling the heat as much as I thought I would. Sure, It's hot but I'm not up to the cold bath stage yet.
I'm starting to feel a bit huge. I remember from last time wishing I could just squish my ball of a tummy back in there somehow and that feeling is coming back again.


Keeping busy. We have family to see and Christmas to prepare for. I've got all my appointments booked till march.
I'm starting to really think about and prepare for labour.


About life with two. There are definitely things that will need to change. Our days will become more structured and at home I'm guessing. I'll need to set up things for lu to do while I bf smalls. I can't imagine what Sundays will look like. Eeeep!
We've been visiting my sister and her baby and I forgot how all consuming a newborn is. It's going to be lovely but I'm expecting not to do more than baby loving for a while.

twenty four     twenty five     twenty six     weeks of Lucy


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