21 July 2010

She had style, she had flair she was there...

Yes I have become a nanny. What better way to prepare for my coming arrival?

This is totally the dream job. Looking after children. I started this week.

I must admit it is such a different world.

When I was a little tacker my Mum stayed home to look after us. Each day I would hang out with my mum. We'd paint or draw or play games or go on picnics. I'm sure we did really boring things like paying the bills but I can only recall happy memories.

Mum went to work on weekends when I got a little older but then we had Dad the schoolteacher with us. We would eat pancakes for breakfast on Saturday mornings, go to violin lessons and play around.

Sometimes, when Mum and Dad had date night we would be looked after by Camille the girl down the street. She was in year 6 when my older sister was in kindy so she must be pretty old by now. Camille was magic. She played the best games with us. We would play make believe shops or doctor surgeries or travel agencies. She made us hot chocolate and then she would march us off to bed shouting "Hop two three four." "About face, turn right, clean your teeth, in your bed, go to sleep!"

When Camille couldn't come we would have another teenager from down the street. She would make us watch tv. I have a distinct memory of standing at the front door watching Mum and Dad go with tears in my eyes on one of these occasions.

Other than Mum and Dads date night however, we usually had the both of them home. Dad being a school teacher was home pretty much the whole time we were and Mum worked part time and was there most of the time too. So its a different world being a nanny to these little children. I feel I have so much responsibility. I cook them dinner, I bring them home from school. It's great. I love the practice that I'm getting. And I'm learning about a new way to grow up.

I can remember in church one week learning about how we can all care for each other as a family. Families are not just Mum, Dad and the kids. I get to be a part of these peoples lives and help them out at the same time. I am rich in time and energy so I can help look after their kids. I get to watch them and see how they do things and learn from that. Its a pretty great thing.

I hope I can learn a thing or two before this little one comes along. And I hope Ill be a good nanny. ;)

Image Credit: Flickr User *clairity*

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