25 July 2010


I went to the doctor today.
All is well... mostly.

My doctor called me up at 8am and said some of the levels in my blood test were a little abnormal and that it would be good if I could come in so she could give me a prescription/chat about this. Her tone was pretty calm. I felt nervous but not especially worried.

Myles had a youth meeting on so he couldn't come with me. We were all set to go to an engagement party afterward and I was feeling wrecked. Tickly throat and feeling really really tired. Its so sad to feel so yuck after such a wonderful day yesterday.

The doctor said I had hypothyroidisim. Which means my thyroid levels are too high but they are like this because there is not enough thyroid (hormone?) and so my body is over compensating. It seems a bit complicated but she said I shouldn't be worried. So I have to take some thyroid tablets for the next few weeks to regulate and they are running some more tests. I'm hoping and praying that nothing comes of it as it could potentially be an auto immune disease. Not fun.

It's not really good for babies but its manageable.

On top of that I have low iron and Vitamin D. (from the sun) I have never had this before. I think I need to get stuck into the red meat and get out more. I'm taking the blackmores pregnancy gold vitamins in stead of just folic acid. Its a huge tablet. I like to call it the horse poo tablet because it is big enough for a horse and ... it looks like a ... poo.

Ah well. It's all part of life's rich tapestry. I'm alive and reasonably healthy and very loved.

I had the best nap this afternoon. It was very needed. I think I'm going to have to get better at napping/sleeping from now on. (Says I writing this at 12:18)

And the best part of my day was seeing my dad who is up to visit to help my brother move house. That was nice.

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