18 July 2010

Books for the Bobbin #1

I have always loved reading and read a lot when I was little.
I think its pretty important to teach your kids to love books.

This little segment is to show books from my childhood or books I see in the shop that I would like to read to my little one.

The first is "Quick as a Cricket" by Audrey Wood. My Mum and Dad used to read me this book all the time when I was little. I really liked it. Dad made up a song to go along with the words.

I'm as quick as a cricket
I'm as slow as a snail
I'm as small as an ant
I'm as big as a whale.

I loved this book.

Mum gave it away to our cousins when I was a bit older and it wasn't until years later when I realised how much I loved it that we sneaked it back.

It had beautiful pictures of the little boy in the story playing with all the different animals in the story and at the end it says.

"Put them all together and you've got me!"


This is one I will be reading to my little one.

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Anonymous said...

I'm as quick as a cricket,
I'm as slow as a snail,
I'm as small as an ant,
I'm as big as a whale,

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