25 July 2010

Books for the Bobbin #2

This is a book that Myles suggested but one that we both enjoyed as children. It tells the story of three children Joe, Bessie and Fanny ( I think they have now changed Fanny's name as it was rude or somthing???)

They have adventures in the faraway tree which is a very tall tree populated by numerous eccentric folk. Some of these folk include Dame Washalot who is always putting the laundry on, Moonface who's face looks... like a moon and Mr Whatzisname.

Its a magical land where everyone has their own quirks and Joe Bessie and Fanny get to meet all the strange people and have adventures with them.

When I was little we had a tall pine tree in our backyard that we named the faraway tree. It was pretty tall. At least as tall as we could climb. We would pretend to visit all the characters in the story and then we would slide down the long branches to the bottom.

Myles likes that he grew up on seven acres, four of which are bushland. He was able to go into the bush for adventures like Joe Bessie and Fanny and use his imagination.

Imagination is a precious thing and this book has it in bucketloads.

Image Credit: enidblytonsociety.co.uk

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