29 October 2010


How far along? 19 weeks
Baby’s Size: 22 cm long and 340 grams. 
Total Weight Gain: 3 kilos. Starting to put that baby fat on!
Maternity Clothes: not exclusively
Gender: Mum knows, paper knows.
Movement: Yes! Feeling some little squirms and wiggles. Mostly before bed or when I'm really still.
Sleep: Tricky when I have to breathe through my mouth. Silly flu. Note the heavy black bags under my eyes.
Symptoms: Irritability.. wait is that just me?
Best Moments this week: Tuesdays photo shoot and jiggly baby.
Food Aversions: nah
Food Cravings: Just food in general. It seems like I'm always hungry.
What I miss: sleeping on my belly.
What I am Looking forward to: finding out that gender!
Milestones: Baby has been checked up and is all fine! Thankyou God.
Awesome fact about little one: Baby can hear and respond to noise.

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Jess said...

yay! Happy nineteen weeks :)
So when are you doing your "it's a" party? I don't know how much longer I'd be able to wait if I were you!!

Laura Allen said...

Oh that's so exciting! What a beautiful pregnant belly you have! I'm loving the photos :)
Can't wait for your "it's a" party! I want to knooow!!! You must be dying to cheat and take a peek at the paper!!! When do you think it'll be??
Hooray for 19 weeks!! xxx

Rinny said...

The itsa party will be on the 20th of November.

Aaaages away but I have to wait till Myles finishes exams. I'm sure it will fly.

Myles has hidden the paper so I cant cheat. He told me if I really want to look I can but I think if I did now it would be such an anti climax. It would really ruin it.

Better make some invitations.

Jeeeennnn said...

Rin thats such lovely bunch of photos! You look so cheeky in the last one. I hope you're sing sing singing away to the bub now that he/she can hear!

nanny said...

I saw the cutest little cardigan the other day it was a lovely shade of ... yellow !

Rinny said...

Jen - Aw thanks. I was hoping I wouldn't look all snot nosed and bleary eyed so cheeky is good. Have been singing to the little one. This kid is gonna have rhythm.

nanny aka mum - You are the funniest. We shall see if you really know!

Laura Allen said...

Oh 20th November! Do you think it'll be a morning, afternoon or evening thing? I'll definitely be there, I might just have to rearrange some plans! Unlucky timing, it's the only Saturday we had something on in November! It's ok though we'll shuffle things when we know the details :)
Wow that's so long to wait to find out!! You're a very patient Mumma! I'm so excited :)
Yay! See you Wednesday my dear friend xxx

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