06 October 2010

results at last!

One of the midwives from the birth centre just called with my results.

She said I have antibodies.
I had no idea what this meant but she said it was good.
She also said there was no recent trace of the virus in my system.
Which is GOOD!

It means baby is ok and doesn't need to be monitored etc.

Such a weight off my mind and an answer to prayer.

Happy days.
Thanks to God.


Bec Spires said...

You have antibodies which means you already had the virus at some point (probably as a kid) and so your body is immune to it. Antibodies are the things your white blood cells use to fight diseases :-)
PS. This is not a proper scientific explanation ;-)

Rebecca said...

Massive answer to prayer!
God bless, Bec xx

myrin said...

Bec - Ah thanks. That makes sense. Sounds scientific enough.

Mum didn't know whether I'd had it. She supposed I might have and she just didn't notice. She said we were all rosy cheeked little munchkins.

Other Bec - Yes it is indeed. Thanks for your prayers. :)

Jess said...

Good, I'm glad!!

Mandy said...

Praise God! So happy you and baby are ok!

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