28 October 2010


It's getting into the warmer part of the year and the local pool is open. It only costs 2 dollars to go so I think I will be going a lot.

But with an expanding belly I need something to wear. Here is what I've found.

Haven't been able to find many from Australia so I might have to buy it overseas.

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Jess said...

LOVE the green tankini and the blue polka dot one. TOO CUTE! I swam a TON early on in this pregnancy, when I was still in Arizona. My OB told me it was one of the very best pregnancy exercises because it's low impact and works ALL of your muscles.
I didn't need a maternity bathing suit at that point, though.
Happy swimming!

Rinny said...

yeah i really like the blue one too. Couldn't find the link of the shop. It seems to have expired.

Swimming is great. Can't wait to start. I think I will still fit into my other swimmers. Not sure when the best time to change is.

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