24 September 2010

Date - Maya Indian Food.

I have Indian heritage.

You might not know it to look at me but I do. My mum was born in a little town called Belgaum on the western coast of India in a military hospital. Her dad was in the army. They moved around a lot.

She is an Anglo-Indian which means she has English in her as well as Indian. Her life was more European and she has lighter skin. Hence why I don't look so Indian.

One awesome thing our family has gotten out of mums heritage is the love and appreciation of Indian food.

Maya is an Indian restaurant on Cleveland St Surry Hills. It is run by the sikhs and is therefore vegetarian. Mum is always taking us there when she comes to Sydney and I know my Gran and Pa are regular customers.
So we thought why only go when Mum comes to town. Why not go ourselves. So we did.

We had samosas (left) and dosas (below)

 A samosa is... spring rolls for Indians?

A dosa is like a big savoury pancake with potato curry inside and little dippity curry things to go with it.

Highly technical descriptions I know.
 If you can do better feel free to comment.

It tastes good.  
It was a really lovely date.

We ate and chatted and watched funny bolly
wood film clips on the screens in the restaurant.

I like Myl
I like indian.

We have fun together.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like gulub jamuns. They remind of Chris. They are so sweet and round. Yum, yum.
Barfi is very nice too. It has almonds and pastachios and lots of nice things. Yum

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