22 September 2010

what dreams may come

I had a horrible dream last night.
It's the second in a series of terrible baby dreams.

It was time for the little one to be born.
Out came this beautiful, perfect precious little thing.
I was trying to remember all the things I wanted to do when the little one came out. Having a feed, having a cuddle etc.
All was going well.

The little one turned into a duck.
And not just any duck. A really naughty duck.
A naughty annoying duck that made my parents cat hiss and try to eat it.
I was so dissappointed that I had given birth to a duck.

I didn't want the little one anymore.
I suggested to my mum that we keep it in the chicken pen.
She thought that was very rude seeing as though it was my baby.

The first dream like this was that I had a rabbit for a baby. It kept chewing through bits of wood and pretty much everything. I didn't want this rabbit baby either.

These are the only baby dreams I have had the whole pregnancy.
It has put me out for the whole day. : (

My mum said she had a dream where she gave birth to lizards.
Maybe this would be worse than an annoying duck and naughty rabbit?

Have you ever had a weird baby dream?

1 comment:

Jess said...

WOW! I've definitely never dreamed of giving birth to anything other than a human being. Although once I dreamt that on the way home from the hospital, my brand spanking new newborn daughter started TALKING to me. That one creeped me out.

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