10 September 2010

Oh how pretty.

All that would make these gorgeous creations even prettier is a sweet little baby nestled in there.

These beautiful Moses baskets are from SleepiSpaces.
They make designer bassinets.

I found the site while looking on gumtree and all of a sudden I would really really like one.

The come in lots of different colours.

We have been given a cot second hand and I think I just assumed we will use that and have it in our bedroom.

I have always liked the idea of a bassinet but I thought it wouldn't really be worth it as you can only use it for about four months or until the baby can sit up. But I guess if little one two, three and four come along they could use it as well?

It comes included with the beautiful fabric you can see in the picture, a blanket and mattress.

The stand is optional but just lovely.

Its also good as you can just use it as an away bed for the little one. I anticipate we may have church camp or grandparent visits or just bible study where the little one may need to have a nap and I can just take the bassinet with me and look cute while I do it.

They are a little on the pricey side. I asked Myles the price he thought it would be. He said ten dollars (he is a boy) and I said keep going.

Well. If I don't get it I can always just look at the pictures and dream.

Note : SleepiSpaces are not paying me to write this post. :)


nico said...

Can you pick up a second hand Moses basket (or a cheaper one) and do the fabric trim yourself? You're so super crafty I'm sure it would be easy peasy and lots of fun too... :) xx

Jess said...

Erin, you are too cute!
I have only discovered your blog today. But I have read lots of bits and pieces just now...and it is lovely :)
And good procrastination...kind of ironic, that I am supposed to be writing about dying and death...but thinking about new life is way more fun.
And now I can finally say CONGRATULATIONS and don't have to keep baby secrets anymore. I was very happy to hear your news when Tom told me...
happy blogging sweet one xx

Jess said...

I plan to get a Moses Basket to use for cosleeping, especially in the early months when my baby first comes home from the hospital.
And those ones are GORGEOUS!

Johanna said...

Hi Erin,
Thankyou so much for your lovely comments about Sleepi Spaces. Born out of sheer love for beautiful fabrics and utter love of babies, I wanted to create something that encompasses the magic of life, love and beauty. I really wanted to post this prior to you writing about the baskets – to make my comments less about the baskets and more about your delightful blog – but having such little insight into blogging, my post has been delivered after your gorgeous comments. All that aside, I wish you and Myles much happiness, what a pleasure it has been to meet you, if even over typed words. Congratulations on your pregnancy, your blog is such a wonderful idea and full of inspiration, love and zest for life. I wish you, your husband and baby, health and bliss on this exciting journey. If you don’t mind – i’m going to keep following your journey. I hope to post again soon, I think blogging could be addictive! Johanna

Rin said...

Nic - Yeah I think I probably could do that. Maybe with a little help from my mum. Where did you get your moses basket from?

Jess - Oh yes! I had forgotten that you must have known for a long time. I'm so happy to remind you of new life amidst the sadness of the end of it. Well.. don't procrastinate too much but I'm glad you like my blog.

Jess - Will you have the moses basket in your bed or next to it? I love the idea of co sleeping how are you planning to do it?

Johanna - Thankyou for your lovely baskets and kind wishes. It's so nice to make friends in unexpected places.

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