03 September 2010

Fathers Day - Part II

Well it struck me the other day that Myl is a father. Even though our baby is 2 inches long with a one inch long head he is still a dada and I'm still a mama.

So I decided to get him a fathers day present.

Have I mentioned before that I'm not really all that into surprises?

One fathers day we had got dad a shovel. It was the biggest secret and mum said we were not to tell dad what his present was.

I agreed. But when later talking to dad about his present I said,

"I'm not going to tell you what it is but you can dig holes with it."

Some things are just too exciting to keep a secret. no?

Myles first ever fathers day present is one of these surprises. Its the book Man with a Pram by Stephen Mitchell and John Ferry.

The blurb says;

"The concept for Man With A Pram was born (excuse the pun) from the authors' observations that most men were not interested in the current pregnancy literature on the market. Added to this was the observation that many a pregnant partner seemed to be frustrated by this perceived lack of interest in pregnancy literature."
 I must confess that the second part is just a little true for me.
While Myles is extremely interested and excited he has not been scouring books and the internet like a maniac for information about babies. He has not lived his entire life for this moment. He does not have a baby-lovin midwife mother.
Yes it is a percieved lack of interest.

Nevertheless. He loves the book. He read a couple of chapters last night after I gave it to him and had a good giggle. It seems to be a pretty easy to read book and it was so nice to have him tell me facts about our little one.

Fathers day Numero Uno WIN!


Jess said...

I love it :) I was just barely pregnant for the US Mother's Day this year, and he still bought me a present. A parent is a parent- even if the baby is still in utero! (WELL, that's my opinion, anyways)

myles said...

good book, plenty man and baby jokes for all

from myles

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