12 September 2010

Oh my nausea.

Warning: This post may contain TMI about vomiting, nausea and sickness. If this makes you feel as queasy as it makes me maybe read another post about cute happy baby things.

Its hit.

The nausea.

I thought I was well and truly going to miss it being out of the first trimester on Tuesday but as the weekend approached as did the queasy feeling in my stomach, the headaches and the loss of appetite added to terrible feelings of hunger.

I have never really been a vomiter. Pretty sure I can count all the experiences of vomit on one hand. There was that time in primary school where I threw up in sick bay. I had the lucky treat of a lunch order that day and I could see my tasty saussage roll on the floor. (I warned you not to read this if it made you feel sicky.) The horrible 24 hour bug in high school that started as quickly as it stopped and the beach mission wonder. Myl and I were at dinner with a family in the caravan park and I started to feel unwell. I excused myself no less than three times to go hurl in the bathroom each time coming back to eat the next course of the meal. I will never look at salmon kebabs the same way again.

So I have not thrown up yet. I will not let myself unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

It is not a nice feeling making or receiving a delicious meal and feeling so so hungry for it only to eat a few mouthfuls and be very full or fit to throw up.

Just to make my sob story complete I have also got the swollen glands and blocked nose. I am one sick and sorry looking chicky.

But on the bright side with any luck it will all be over by Tuesday. This is the first sign of it and some women are sick for weeks if not months.

In other news. I went to see my parents for Dad's birthday this weekend (I'm sure a post will follow). As mum is a midwife she has a stethescope and we listened to the little ones heartbeat. It was so soft and sounded so fast and unlike an adult heartbeat but it was there and that makes me smile.

Image Credit: Flickr user EvilErin

Edit - Just ate some pizza and got through the whole thing. That food is magic.

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Jess said...

Oh man! :( I was pretty lucky- I think I only actually vomited a handful of times. But I felt queasy pretty much permanently throughout the first trimester.
Hope you feel better soon! I really got my energy (and my appetite!) back around week 14 or 15.

Rinny said...

I'm feeling better this morning apart from the sore throat.

mmm its not a nice feeling at all.

Hoping that appetite comes back!

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