02 September 2010

Fathers Day

Its Fathers day on Sunday.
What a great day that reminds us where we come from.

My dad has his birthday five days after fathers day so while we have always celebrated both days now that we are no longer under the same roof its harder to visit for both days.
We are going to visit my dad the weekend after (his birthday) which will be really good.

I love my dad.
I have such great memories of growing up with him.

I don't remember him from when I was a baby but I have video footage of him changing nappies and giving me cuddles.
He used to make us baby pancakes on Saturday morning.
We used to play narnia. He would be Mr Tumnus and I would be Lucy.
He took us to violin lessons and listened the whole way through.
He watched our violin concerts and clapped the loudest.
He took us to sunday school.
He taught us about Jesus and always wrote the christmas play.
He read to us every night and in between as well.
We planted trees with him out in the yard and now there is a forest.
He is the best tickler I know.
He taught me old family sayings;
"If that's the worst you have to eat you'll be lucky."
"I beg your pardon Mrs Hardon the chooks are in your garden."
"Wherever you be let the wind go free."
He played a galloping horse game with us on his knees that was sheer bliss.
He danced with us and took us to bush dances.
He shared with us his love of beautiful folk music.
He cooked us rolled oats cookies and chocolate biscuits.
He made lasagne and shepherds pie.
He took us to art lessons.
He put up with teenager tantrums and silly boyfriends.
He listened to me as I cried about my friends.
He took me to soccer and basketball and cheered when I got the ball.
He tried to teach me some hard truths about life... with love.
He got pretty upset when I left home but helped me move to Sydney and carried my boxes.
He came to visit and took me out to dinner.
He met and approved of Myles.
He walked me down the aisle at my wedding.
He danced with me at the reception.

I'm a big girl now. He doesn't need to change my nappies. I make him pancakes now when he comes to stay.

But I'm still his little girl and I love him very very much.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

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