29 September 2010

round like a rissole

my belly is starting to pop

my belly button is getting rounder.
One day it is going to pop too and turn
inside out!

It used to be a skinny little slit and
now it's round... like a rissole.

Hello week 16

How far along? 15 Weeks and one day! (start of week 16
Baby’s Size: 11cm
Total Weight Gain: hardly anything. maybe a kilo last time I checked.
Maternity Clothes: I'm just starting to pop so I don't need em but I've got some.
Gender: No idea.
Movement: Not yet. I thought I felt a flutter but I'm not so sure.
Sleep: Loads of nightmares. I'm usually a belly sleeper so its pretty hard to get to sleep.
Symptoms: Hungry all. the. time. But when I eat I can't eat so much. And a popping belly.
Best Moments this week: Dad bought a little jumpsuit for the little one. He looked pretty cute holding it and I was imagining i t being filled with a small babe.
Food Aversions: Anything old or cheap or that has been sitting around for a while. I guess that stuff isn't good for anyone but it makes me feel especially queasy.
Food Cravings: Unhealthy things. Pizza, honey chicken, potato scallops.
What I miss: Sushi and sashimi.
What I am Looking forward to: Seeing the little one on an ultrasound and feeling some kicks.
Milestones: Baby has vocal chords. Bring on the singing.

28 September 2010

You are 15 weeks old

Dear little one,

I hope you're doing ok in there.
Its so frustrating not being
able to see or feel you.
I think I will worry about you
When you come out, when you
graze your knee, when you go to
school, when you leave home, when
you get married and have your own
little ones your mama is going to
be there worrying about you.
I know God has you in his hands and
that makes me stop worrying.
Hang in there little one.

love mama.

please pray

I just found out that one of the little kiddos I nanny for has a thing called slap face.
No, its not worth calling Docs over. Its a flu like virus that gives you a big ole rash on the cheeks. Looking a bit like a slap.

It usually doesn't affect adults unless of course you have a small one inside.
Which I do.

It's unlikely that anything will happen. I think its about 5% but if it does the little one could have sever anemia. And that's not good.

So I'm going to get a blood test and if its +ve I need to be closely monitored = not a lot of fun.

So please pray (if that's what you do) that there would be nothing wrong.
And pray that my mister and I would not be so worried.

I'm already all worried that my belly is not big enough, baby isnt there/growing/alive etc.
Silly things I know but they are still worries.

Thanks all. I will keep you posted.

Image Credit: tumblr

27 September 2010

wings of bluebirds

This is my idea of the perfect breakfast. PBnJ toast (separately) and tea.

I found this photo on the tumblr of my friend Renee.
She is such a beautiful person and her beauty is reflected in her lovely blog/picture/quote page.

Check it out and let it speak for itself!

Image credit: Tumblr chaispice

25 September 2010

sweetest things...

Here are some lovely things I have found on the innynet
for babies that would be oh so lovely.

Click the image to see where it is from.

24 September 2010

Date - Maya Indian Food.

I have Indian heritage.

You might not know it to look at me but I do. My mum was born in a little town called Belgaum on the western coast of India in a military hospital. Her dad was in the army. They moved around a lot.

She is an Anglo-Indian which means she has English in her as well as Indian. Her life was more European and she has lighter skin. Hence why I don't look so Indian.

One awesome thing our family has gotten out of mums heritage is the love and appreciation of Indian food.

Maya is an Indian restaurant on Cleveland St Surry Hills. It is run by the sikhs and is therefore vegetarian. Mum is always taking us there when she comes to Sydney and I know my Gran and Pa are regular customers.
So we thought why only go when Mum comes to town. Why not go ourselves. So we did.

We had samosas (left) and dosas (below)

 A samosa is... spring rolls for Indians?

A dosa is like a big savoury pancake with potato curry inside and little dippity curry things to go with it.

Highly technical descriptions I know.
 If you can do better feel free to comment.

It tastes good.  
It was a really lovely date.

We ate and chatted and watched funny bolly
wood film clips on the screens in the restaurant.

I like Myl
I like indian.

We have fun together.

23 September 2010

i win i win!

My lovely bloggy friend Jess from Here Comes the Sun gave me an award.

Its very special.

Check out her blog. It is lovely and she is going to be a wonderful mama. I can just tell!

football legend

Today I played a whole hour of Aussie Rules Football.

ok so I kicked a ball around...

with and eight year old.


Well I was proud of myself.

I remember the days in high school when I was far too cool to be good at football.
The boys would make fun of us for throwing the ball up in the air before kicking it.

But not today.

I must admit I was actually terrible at it. But at least I didn't throw the ball in the air. I even caught it a few times.

But (incase my mother is wondering) I didn't wear myself out and took a rest midway through.

I am so awesome at sports.

Image Credit: Sunshine Coast Daily

22 September 2010

Dressed for Power

I've been going to womens convention for about five years.
Each time it is really wonderful to hear from amazing women of God about
our Lord and how to live in response to what He has done.

This year four generations of my family went. My nana, my mum, me and the little one.

It was really nice to spend time with women in my family whom I admire and look up to.
There is such a wealth of experience there and so much love.

What did I learn?

- As a woman and child of God my power comes from God.
- He creates in us a desire to love others in this world.
- He looks after us. He is great, glorious, good and gracious so that I don't have to be in control.
- He says good things in our lives so we can trust him.
- He is powerful in our times of struggle and need.
- His love in us shines to all the world.
- He treats our actions seriously and has dealt with them.

It is great to sit in a big shed with 1000 women all from different walks of life and know that God loves us all.

That he is in control of us all.

what dreams may come

I had a horrible dream last night.
It's the second in a series of terrible baby dreams.

It was time for the little one to be born.
Out came this beautiful, perfect precious little thing.
I was trying to remember all the things I wanted to do when the little one came out. Having a feed, having a cuddle etc.
All was going well.

The little one turned into a duck.
And not just any duck. A really naughty duck.
A naughty annoying duck that made my parents cat hiss and try to eat it.
I was so dissappointed that I had given birth to a duck.

I didn't want the little one anymore.
I suggested to my mum that we keep it in the chicken pen.
She thought that was very rude seeing as though it was my baby.

The first dream like this was that I had a rabbit for a baby. It kept chewing through bits of wood and pretty much everything. I didn't want this rabbit baby either.

These are the only baby dreams I have had the whole pregnancy.
It has put me out for the whole day. : (

My mum said she had a dream where she gave birth to lizards.
Maybe this would be worse than an annoying duck and naughty rabbit?

Have you ever had a weird baby dream?

21 September 2010

Start of Week 15

Dear little one,

You are now twelve cm from your head
to your toes.
You are still so little but so big!
You spent some time this weekend with
your mama, granny and grandnanna.
I don't know if granny will be granny
or nana or something else. She will
have to decide soon because in no time
you will be here!
Your grandma felt my belly and could feel you
have popped up into the right place.
Good on you little one.
You are doing so well.

love your mama.



When I was little I owned a little cardigan called buttons.
It was my special friend.
When I was lonely at night i would suck my thumb and hold buttons.
It had these little buttons on it that I would rub on my upper lip.
It would calm me down.


I now have a new button.
And you can have it too.

If you look on the left side of my blog you will find a link you can copy and paste to your blog/website. Anywhere that will let you view html text.
It will link you straight here anytime you click it. Cool huh?

It looks like this

Alternative Name

So cute so fun so easy.

Let me know if you are using my button by posting a comment.

Birthday Post

It was my birthday on Wednesday.
It was a long day.

It started with some coffee (Hot Choc for me) with some friends at 7 30.
Yes getting up at seven is early for me.
How things will change when the little one is here.

When I got home Myl had a surprise adventure for me.
We got on a bus to a mystery location.
The Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages!


While we have been married for well over a year we hadn't gotten our actual marriage certificate yet and in order to change your name you need to buy a special certificate not just the one you get on the day.
So we got it. And now I'm officially an Elton.


Then Myl took me (pregnant lady) on a wild goose walk around Chippendale/Ultimo/Glebe.
I had no idea where we were going. We turned up at the Broadway shops and I got a free Boost Juice for my birthday. We then went to the cinema and watched Tomorrow When the War Began.
It was still only 10am.


After that he took me to a surprise lunch. It was going to be Yum Cha but the picture on the front of the restaurant made me feel a little queasy so we went to Chinatown instead and had a lunch special.



After lunch we walked down to Darling Harbour and went to the Chinese Gardens. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place.
Myl made me get dressed up in these Chinese clothes and took my picture around the garden. I looked quite un-chinese but it was fun.


We walked round the harbour and saw some sweet little baby ducks then we caught the tram home.

I had a 20 min power nap before going off to nanny and then we had bible study.

It was a really nice Birthday.

19 September 2010

The longest weekend

Wow I have not blogged since Tuesday.

Isn't it funny how time slips away when you are busy.
I have honestly not stopped doing something since Wednesday morning.
(Except this afternoon when I collapsed on the bed and slept from 2-6)

There are so many stories to tell and pictures to show including

- My birthday surprises from Wednesday
- Hot dates
- Wisdom from Womens convention
- Lovely gifts
- Baby organisation
- Four generational weekend away

and much much more.

Stay tuned this week for all of these posts. I am much too exhausted to write tonight.

How was your weekend?

14 September 2010

Start of Week 14

Dear little one,

Your mama has been a bit sick this week.
It has been a bit yucky but it's ok
because it's all for you.
We heard your heartbeat this week with
a stethescope. The whole family wanted
to listen. Some could hear you some couldn't.
I think I'm starting to get a little belly where 
your home is. It's a little exciting.
Keep on growing little one.
Can't wait to hold you.

love mama

13 September 2010

Books for the Bobbin - The Chronicles of Narnia.

Image Credit - Fantastic Fiction
I grew up reading these books, watching the BBC adaptations and playing Narnia in my backyard.

The family favourite is 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" the story of four siblings sent to the country in World War Two. The youngest, Lucy finds a magical land in the back of a wardrobe in the country house they are living in and at first her siblings don't believe her but later are forced into hiding in the wardrobe and entering Narnia.

In Narnia there is a witch who calls herself queen who has made it always winter but never christmas. Legend has it that she will be defeated by four humans who will become kings and queens and replace her. They will be put in power by Aslan the king.

The four children are reluctant heroes but find that they must enter Narnia and help it to be rid of the White Witch.

When we used to play Narnia my brother was High King Peter, My sister was Susan, I was Lucy and our Dad was Mr Tumnus the friend of Lucy. Our dog was Aslan. Mum did not often play but we would sometimes give her the role of the witch. I'm sure she loved that. Nobody wanted to be Edmund so his role was sometimes taken by friends who came to play.

It is a happy story about children who are able to make a difference in a magical land and become kings and queens. There are beautiful creatures and scary villains. The white witch certainly is formidable but I think it is necessary for children to see such characters. Our world is not full of good things and misunderstood things. There are some things that are dangerous and some things worth being scared of. I can remember being terrified of the Witch.

But in the end good triumphs over evil.

As a child I was totally unaware of C.S Lewis using the story as a parallel to the story of Christ. I have read that he did not intend the story to teach children about God but merely to see what it would be like if Jesus came in a land inhabited by talking beasts.

I remember watching the Disney/Walden Media film of Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and was all at once struck with the beautiful image of Aslan being killed on the stone table just as Jesus died on the cross. It struck me that Aslan was not caught, he was not a fool. He went willingly and suffered pain and died knowing he would be alright and he would be victorious.

I don't really think it matters if you can't make a connection between Christ and Aslan. I think the stories standalone as wonderful works of fiction. They encourage children to believe and use their imagination. To trust in good and turn from the bad. They have memorable characters and are written in a way as to encourage children to read more and more.

These books will no doubt be read to the little one over and over again.

12 September 2010

Oh my nausea.

Warning: This post may contain TMI about vomiting, nausea and sickness. If this makes you feel as queasy as it makes me maybe read another post about cute happy baby things.

Its hit.

The nausea.

I thought I was well and truly going to miss it being out of the first trimester on Tuesday but as the weekend approached as did the queasy feeling in my stomach, the headaches and the loss of appetite added to terrible feelings of hunger.

I have never really been a vomiter. Pretty sure I can count all the experiences of vomit on one hand. There was that time in primary school where I threw up in sick bay. I had the lucky treat of a lunch order that day and I could see my tasty saussage roll on the floor. (I warned you not to read this if it made you feel sicky.) The horrible 24 hour bug in high school that started as quickly as it stopped and the beach mission wonder. Myl and I were at dinner with a family in the caravan park and I started to feel unwell. I excused myself no less than three times to go hurl in the bathroom each time coming back to eat the next course of the meal. I will never look at salmon kebabs the same way again.

So I have not thrown up yet. I will not let myself unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

It is not a nice feeling making or receiving a delicious meal and feeling so so hungry for it only to eat a few mouthfuls and be very full or fit to throw up.

Just to make my sob story complete I have also got the swollen glands and blocked nose. I am one sick and sorry looking chicky.

But on the bright side with any luck it will all be over by Tuesday. This is the first sign of it and some women are sick for weeks if not months.

In other news. I went to see my parents for Dad's birthday this weekend (I'm sure a post will follow). As mum is a midwife she has a stethescope and we listened to the little ones heartbeat. It was so soft and sounded so fast and unlike an adult heartbeat but it was there and that makes me smile.

Image Credit: Flickr user EvilErin

Edit - Just ate some pizza and got through the whole thing. That food is magic.

Alternative Name

10 September 2010

Oh how pretty.

All that would make these gorgeous creations even prettier is a sweet little baby nestled in there.

These beautiful Moses baskets are from SleepiSpaces.
They make designer bassinets.

I found the site while looking on gumtree and all of a sudden I would really really like one.

The come in lots of different colours.

We have been given a cot second hand and I think I just assumed we will use that and have it in our bedroom.

I have always liked the idea of a bassinet but I thought it wouldn't really be worth it as you can only use it for about four months or until the baby can sit up. But I guess if little one two, three and four come along they could use it as well?

It comes included with the beautiful fabric you can see in the picture, a blanket and mattress.

The stand is optional but just lovely.

Its also good as you can just use it as an away bed for the little one. I anticipate we may have church camp or grandparent visits or just bible study where the little one may need to have a nap and I can just take the bassinet with me and look cute while I do it.

They are a little on the pricey side. I asked Myles the price he thought it would be. He said ten dollars (he is a boy) and I said keep going.

Well. If I don't get it I can always just look at the pictures and dream.

Note : SleepiSpaces are not paying me to write this post. :)

09 September 2010

onea pizza twoa pizza threea pizza four!


I haven't really experienced serious cravings but if there was one thing I have not stopped having a hankering for all pregnancy long its pizza.

In fact i think its dairy things. Yes pizza is now classified dairy. Because of the cheese.
I have hankerings for milk, milkshakes, things with cheese and cheezels.

Im sure there is about 0% cheese or dairy in cheezles but i have been craving them on and off.

Anyway. I really enjoy making my own pizza.

I make my own dough in the breadmaker.
Add homemade pizza sauce (tinned tomatoes, basil, pepper, olive oil, garlic chopped up in a blender)
add a small bit of cheese and put in the oven for 5 mins.
Take it out and add toppings. (olives, ham, chicken, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple) Remember less is more.
Pop some cheese on top and put it in the oven for 20 mins or until brownish on top.


Does anyone have any winner pizza topping combinations?

08 September 2010

Start of Week 13

Dear little one,

Oh baby look at you grow.
You are now the size of
a cocktail frankfurt or a plum.
You have so many friends now.
I think people are pretty excited about you.
There are bets going as to whether you are a boy
or girl. I don't mind as long as you are not both!
Mmm I think I'd still love you.
You are almost 1/3 of a baby.
I was singing to you this morning
"The Very Thought of You" did you hear?
Can't wait to hold you.

Mama xx


These. are. cute.

Which one is your favourite?

Image credit threadless tshirts

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